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AC Odyssey Bull The Bullies Quest: Know Locations Of All 3 Krypteias

AC Odyssey has many quests that players will be spending most of their time on. Check out the AC Odyssey Bully the Bullies Quest and more here.

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AC Odyssey is quite possibly the most famous round of the Assassins Creed Franchise by Ubisoft. The game is an activity RPG with the foundation of antiquated Greek folklore. The game is tremendous in size and height. Ubisoft has made a Greek world set in those occasions, which players can enter and be hypnotized by. The game has a truckload of missions to finish, secrets to open, and fortunes to discover. Players have been trying to get some information about the AC Odyssey Bully the Bullies.

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AC Odyssey Bully the Bullies

Bully the Bullies is one of the many quests that players will come across during their excursion. For this quest, the players will have to kill 3 rogue Spartans and impress the kings of Sparta. They can do this by either inciting riots by the Helots or by assassinating the rogue agents themselves. The rogue Spartans are called Krypteia and the players will have to kill all 3 Krypteia to finish the Bully the Bullies Quest. Here are the locations for all 3 Krypteia in AC Odyssey Bully the Bullies.

  • The First Krypteia can be found towards the north of Sparta in the Leader house.
  • The second Krypteia can be found towards the south of Sparta in the Krokeai Village
  • The third and final Krypteia can be found towards the east of Krokeai Village in the Fort Parisai
  • Players should use Ikaros' vision to highlight all these targets easily

AC Odyssey Charged Melee Attacks

The combat structure in Assassins Creed games has been completely redesigned. The players have a wide range of weapons to choose from and the type of attacks they can inflict from those weapons. Players have been finding tasks in the game where they need to kill enemies with charged melee attacks and there has been some confusion as to how to perform these charged melee attacks. Here’s how to perform AC Odyssey Charged Melee Attacks:

First, the players need to go to their skill tree and purchase a skill for skill points called Charged Heavy Attack, this will give the players the ability to perform charged melee attacks. Now the player, depending on their consoles, have to hold R2 or RT to charge their attack until they see a red flash from their weapon, and then release it to unleash the charged melee attack. This attack can be performed by any type of weapon.

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