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AC Odyssey Stentor: A Complete Guide About This Character In AC Odyssey

AC Odyssey Stentor. Learn about the significants of this character in AC Odyssey, who is Stentor, what is his role in AC Odyssy and more

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AC Odyssey Stentor

Stentor is a powerful character in AC Odyssey. He is a member of the Spartan army, which was considered superior to all his neighbouring troops at the time. In this post, we are going to look at who is Stentor, his early days, what is his role in AC Odyssey, and more.

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AC Odyssey Stentor

Stentor was a Spartan officer who lived in the fifth century BCE. He was the adopted son of Nikolaos of Sparta, who lived in the same era as well. Stentor was recognized at such a young age by Nikolaos for his skills, and he took him under his wing and trained him as a powerful warrior.

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After some time, he even adopted him as his own son. Once Stentor reached the proper age, he joined and accompanied Nikolaos in his battles and always looked forward to any opportunity to make his father feel proud of him. Stentor also lived under the shadows of the first family of Nikolaos.

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Battle for Megaris was considered a major battle in the lifetime of Stentor. Because after the end of the battle, Stentor stepped into his father’s shoes and led Sparta successfully thereafter. In the coming paragraph, we’ll look at how the battle panned out and the reason for Stentor taking his father’s place.

In 431 BCE, Stentor joined hands with Nikolaos and he led the invasion of the Athenian region of Megaris. When the Spartan troop landed in the harbor of Athenia, they were soon blocked by the Athenian navy. However, the attack was soon repelled, thanks to the timely arrival of misthios Kassandra.

She destroyed the forces and released both Stentor and his father. The misthios Kassandra was the daughter of Nikolaos who was believed to have died during a battle on Mount Taygetos a long time ago. After the battle of Megaris, Kassandra and Nikolaos met and subsequently, he disappeared. And Stentor was left behind to take his father’s position which he did and became the leader of Sparta.

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AC Odyssey guide

AC Odyssey is based on the Greek mythology of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. It is still considered to be an epic with so many twists and turns. In this section, we’ll tell you about 5 critical things you should know to enjoy this fabulous game.

  • Learn certain things about the background story before starting to play this game.
  • Unlock the right abilities at the right time.
  • In the beginning, start small and level up as you get familiar with the interface.
  • Understand that the game is set in ancient Greek and there will be many twists.
  • Learn how to unlock abilities.
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