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AC Valhalla An Uncommon Proposition: Learn How To Complete This AC Valhalla Quest Here

AC Valhalla has a plethora of quests that players can play during their massive excursion. Learn more about An Uncommon Proposition Quest in AC Valhalla here.

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AC Valhalla has been in stores for some time now and it has become popular among gamers. The Norse Folklore, Action-RPG blend is cherished by all and players go through huge chunks of time in this game. The actual mission is a monstrous excursion and players will wind up going through over 50 hours simply attempting to finish the primary mission of the game. During this expansive journey, many players have inquired about AC Valhalla An Uncommon Proposition.

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AC Valhalla An Uncommon Proposition

This is one of the many quests that players will come across during their AC Valhalla Excursion. In the An Uncommon Proposition Quest, the players will come to know that the Earldorman of Essex needs something from Eivor but they don’t know what that is exactly, Randvi will let the players know that it is a big secret and nothing more than that. Players will have to hop, skip and jump through a bunch of hurdles to complete this quest. Check out how to complete An Uncommon Proposition Quest here.

Find Birstan

  • First, the Players will have to find and interact with Birstan who is located in the Earldorman’s house, he will assign certain tasks to Eivor.

Investigate Birstan's Camp 

  • The players will be directed towards Birstan’s Camp which is located between Beorn Cavern and Belesdune Bandit Camp, they will have to investigate this camp. These are the clues the players will have to search for:
  • The spilled fruit and vegetables on the ground.
  • A body in the tall grass east of the camp.
  • A dead, partially eaten horse just south of the camp
  • A pawprint in the dirt a little further south from the remains of the horse.

Protect Birstan

  • After the investigation, the players will have to look for Birstan again who is located towards the south of the camp. They will have to reach this location fast and protect Birstan from a Pair of wild Bloodthirsty bears.

Back to the Earldorman's House

  • Now Birstan will take the players back to the Earldorman’s house where they will meet  Wyatt, Aldrich, and Eadred. A conversation with choices will initiate with them, the outcomes of these choices have no result so the players can make any choice freely.
  • After finishing the conversation Birstan will lead the players upstairs and a cut scene will play that will mark the end of An Uncommon Proposition Quest.

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