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AC Valhalla Randvi Romance Guide: Check Out The Romance Options For Randvi

AC Valhalla has many romance options that players can pursue during the course of the game. Check out the AC Valhalla Randvi Romance guide and more here.

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AC Valhalla is not just the top Assassin Creed Games, it is also one of the best class Action-RPG games too. The introduction of the game to the nextgen consoles has also been a widely appreciated move. AC Valhalla allows the players to escape in a world filled with Norse Folklore, exciting and dangerous adventures, amazing characters as friends or enemies, and a journey every Viking longs for. Players want to learn more about AC Valhalla Randvi Romance Guide.

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AC Valhalla Randvi Romance Guide

AC Valhalla is an all-out RPG, which really focuses on character development. The character development process includes the common leveling up and story development of the character, but it also includes romance options that players can pursue in the game. One of the romance options that players have been inquisitive about is Sigurd’s Wife Randvi. This AC Valhalla Romance guide will help the players know the options they have during this encounter. Check out the AC Valhalla Romance Guide for Randvi:

When faced with an Encounter with Randvi, the players will have 3 choices with different consequences in the game.

  • I feel the same way: Eivor tells Randvi that they feel the same about them and go forward with the hookup. Sigurd finds about their hookup later in the game and isn’t the happiest about this news. This will have a negative ending to the game.

  • Now is not the right time: Eivor will confess their feelings for Randvi but advise her that this isn’t the time to rush into anything and they should wait until the time is right.

  • I care for you as a friend: Eivor will calmly and politely reject Randvi’s approach towards them and let her know that they really care for her and value her but just as a friend.

AC Valhalla Animus Anomaly location

Animus is the way that the world of Valhalla is connected to the real world today. Animus is a real-world tool that is used by the characters in the game to jump back in time and relive the many glorious moments of history. In AC Valhalla Animus Anomalies are puzzles that contain precious knowledge and rewards that players would want. In total there are 10 Animus Anomaly Locations that the players need to find. Here are the Animus Anomaly Locations in AC Valhalla:

  • Hordafylke

  • Ledecestrescire

  • East Anglia

  • Oxenefordscire

  • Sciropescire

  • Lincolnscire

  • Suthsexe

  • Eurviscire

  • Snotinghamscire

  • Hamtunscire

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