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AC Valhalla Guide: Learn How To Complete AC Valhalla A Cat's Footfall Quest

AC Valhalla has many quests in the forms of riddles and mysteries. With the help of this guide learn how to complete AC Valhalla A Cat's Footfall Quest.

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AC Valhalla brings Norse folklore as a background to the campaign. The game is an action-RPG and consists of choices and impacts. AC Valhalla has a satisfying combat system, that gives the player various combat styles to choose their own style of playing. The game also has a plethora of quests with valuable rewards waiting at the end of each. There are also a lot of mysteries to unlock and places to explore in AC Valhalla. Players are wondering about AC Valhalla A Felines Footfall Quest.

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AC Valhalla Felines Footfall Quest

AC Valhalla has a felines Footfall quest where Ivaldi tasks Eivor to find a cat’s footfall for him. The only lead the player gets for this quest is that a golden cat rests over the Great Norse Hall. The players will have to use Ivaldi’s riddle to solve this quest. Ivaldi’s riddle reads:

Over the gate to the Great Norse Hall,
A golden cat sits patiently,
Gazing upon many tall towers,
She’ll flee when she is found,
But follow without fear.
Look, leap, and descend,
Once she leads you to the end,
She may ghost to the ground,
Land as well, and swiftly steal her sound.

This will let the player know where he needs to find AC Valhalla a Cat’s Footfall. The cat is resting on the top of a column at the Gates of Asgard, but it won't be as easy as just walking towards it and collecting the footfall. As soon as the player approaches the cat it vanishes and reappears in a different location.

The player will have to keep following the cat until it teleports over the gargoyle. Once the player approaches the cat on the gargoyle it disappears into thin air and doesn’t reappear. The AC Valhalla A Cat’s Footfall will then be available in the player’s inventory.

AC Valhalla Codex Pages Location

AC Valhalla Codex Pages contain history about the Assassin Ancestors of Eivor. Hytham tasks Eivor to find these pages scattered over England. These pages are hidden within various bureaus in England. In total, there are 6 AC Valhalla Codex Pages. Here’s how to find AC Valhalla Codex Pages Location:

  • Venta Belgarum Bureau: In the center of Wincestre
  • Eboracum Bureau: At the outskirts of Jorvik
  • Temples of Ceres Bureau: West from the Forest of Denu
  • Camulodunum Bureau: Southwest from Ealdorman’s House
  • Ratae Bureau: East of Ledecestre town
  • Lodinium Bureau:  At the outskirts of Lunden

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