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AC Valhalla Holmegaard Bow: Learn More About This Mythical Bow

AC Valhalla has a huge collection of weapons in the game for the players to find, unlock or purchase. Learn about AC Valhalla Holmegaard Bow and more here.

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AC Valhalla has hit the stores and players are buying the game in massive numbers. This game is based on Norse Mythology and incorporated traditional Norse weapons in the game. There are a lot of weapon types and attacks the player can use for in-game combat. The player needs to be well versed with combat controls of AC Valhalla as they have been designed to be quite complex, but once the player gets the hang of it, they can inflict some real damage. AC Valhalla Holmegaard Bow is what players want to learn more about.

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AC Valhalla Holmegaard Bow

One of the most underrated weapons of the game is the Holmegaard Bow. This weapon belongs to the Raven Skill Tree and can really help the players get some long-range kills. Check out the Holmegaard Bow Stats below:

  • Attack: 109
  • Speed: 32
  • Stun: 72
  • Crit: 83
  • Headshot:  93
  • Weight: 17
  • Consuming a ration temporarily increases Critical Chance for the duration of 5s
  • Bonus: +15.0 Critical Chance
  • Two-Handed Predator Bow, can be used by one hand if the player acquires
  • Players can purchase this bow through in-game transactions, there is no way to unlock the Holmegaard Bow in the game.

How to get Gungnir in AC Valhalla?

AC Valhalla has a massive collection of Legendary weapons that players can find in the game. These legendary weapons provide bonus stats to the player that help in combat situations. AC Valhalla Gungnir is the weapon of the God of all Gods, Odin. The special ability of Odin’s spear is that it develops a force field around itself to extend its reach. Players have to finish the main campaign quests in order to go to find Gungnir. After finishing the main campaign players can visit a cave in the icy region of Hordafylke and find the AC Valhalla Gungnir waiting to be picked by them.

AC Valhalla Einherjar Armor

Weapons and Armor are a significant part of AC Valhalla. It is an all-out action RPG and players need to continuously upgrade their characters and their accessories to make them stronger than their foes. In these situations, legendary armor and weapons can really help accelerate the growth of the players, as these legendary accessories have certain bonus stats attached to them.

The Einherjar Armor is one of the new armor sets that has been added to the game can be bought through the in-game store for a certain amount of Helix Credits. The bonus stats that the Einherjar Armor provides is that it increases attack stats after every kill, up to 3 kills and it also gives the player a small health boost after completing 3 kills. Here are the items players stand to receive if they buy the Einherjar Armor Set in AC Valhalla:

  • Einherjar Helm
  • Einherjar Hood
  • Einherjar Armor
  • Einherjar Bracers
  • Einherjar Pants
  • Svadilfari Mount
  • Blood Eagle
  • Dwarven Axe
  • Helgi’s Shield

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