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AC Valhalla Mentor Armor Location: Check Out The Location For All 5 Pieces Of This Armor

AC Valhalla has many Armor sets that players can equip to boost stats and change the appearance of Eivor. Learn about AC Valhalla Mentor Armor here.

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AC Valhalla has grown in popularity consistently; it is the first cutting-edge Assassins Creed game by Ubisoft for the new next-gen consoles. It has amassed a gigantic player base as clients love the Norse-themed world that has been made by the designers. The game contains Norse Mythology references and a profound and rich excursion made for the bold Viking character, which is the hero of the story. Numerous players have asked about AC Valhalla Mentor Armor.

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AC Valhalla Mentor Armor

AC Valhalla has plenty of Armor sets that players can equip to change the look of Eivor. Most Armor Sets can be unlocked or found by going through the AC Valhalla Journey, some can be obtained by paying real-world money through in-game transactions. Mentor Armor location is to be found to obtain this Armor in AC Valhalla. The Mentor Armor has been spread out over various areas and the players need to find it. Check out the Mentor Armor Location here:

There are 5 pieces of Mentor Armor that the players need to look for to complete the set, Check out the locations for each piece of Armor below:

  • Mentor’s Mask: The players can find this Armor piece in a chest in Sherwood Forest, in the Sherood Height, at Snotinghamscire.
  • Mentor’s Cloak: The cloak can be found in a chest in the Loch Clunbre hideout, near the Maun river, at Snotinghamscire.
  • Mentor’s Robes: The robes can be found in Guildford, at Saint Lewinna’s Church, Suthsexe
  • Mentor’s Vambrace: This piece of armor can be found in a chest that is underground. The chest is located in Anderitum underground hideout, Suthsexe.
  • Mentor’s Trousers: The final piece of armor can be found in Wincestre Garrison, at Wincestre.

Where is the Alrekstad Cellar in AC Valhalla?

There are books of knowledge spread out across the map of AC Valhalla. These Books of Knowledge help the player learn new skills and upgrade those skills in the game. One of the most useful skills is the Mark of Death and this skill is found in Alrekstad which is one of the regions in Norway. The players have to start looking for the book in a small red house with a pigsty attached to it.

Inside the house, the players will find a note which will state that the pigs got loose in the house and the cellar key is now lost. This is a clue for the player to look for the key to the cellar in pig feces. The players need to head outside towards the pigsty and look for the key in the pig feces lying there.

AC Valhalla Alrekstad Cellar Location

After the key has been found the next objective is to look for the cellar itself. This can be tricky for some players as the cellar opening is not out in the open, the player has to jump through a few hoops to unveils the AC Valhalla Alrekstad Cellar location. There is a fishing net hung up near the house, the players need to shoot the weak point of this fishing net to drop it and reveal the opening for the Alrekstad Cellar.

Players should enter this opening and slide down till they are faced with a locked door. This locked door can be opened by key they found while scavenging through the pig feces. After unlocking the door they will find the book of knowledge inside, lying on a pedestal. Reading this book will unlock the Mark of Death ability for the player or upgrade it if they have already found a similar book of knowledge in the game.

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