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AC Valhalla Maeldune Saltern Camp: Check Out This AC Valhalla POI

AC Valhalla has many places of interest that players should explore in order to amass some goodies. Learn more about AC Valhalla Maeldune Saltern Camp here.

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AC Valhalla is in the stores now and almost every player is getting their hands on the copy of the latest Assassins Creed instalment. Ubisoft has made a massive action-RPG this time around with Norse mythology as their background. The game has a huge number of quests to complete, mysteries to solve, treasures to plunder, and places to explore. The franchise is also known for its historic accuracy of the depiction of events in the past. Numerous players want to know about the AC Valhalla Maeldune Saltern Camp.

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AC Valhalla Maeldune Saltern Camp

AC Valhalla has many camps the players will have to raid for treasure and other items and tasks in the game. The Maeldune Saltern Camp is one of the important ones as it just does not hold treasures, it also holds clues to unveil the identity of one of the members of the Order of the Ancients. The players will have to investigate the Maeldune Saltern Camp and assassinate the Woden Zealot, This will provide them with a note which will reveal the identity of The Sickle from the Order of the Ancients. Heika of Friesland is the Sickle from the Order of the Ancients.

AC Valhalla scorched paper

Players in Ac Valhalla will be trying to find all types of wealth in the game. One of these is an ingot lying in the Mountains of Fornburg. To find this wealth the players will need the help of the scorched paper, as it contains a riddle that helps find this treasure. Follow this scorched paper walkthrough to find the wealth hidden in the Mountains of Fornburg.

  • First, the players need to leave on an expedition to climb the mountains towards the west of the town.
  • Towards the top of the mountain, the players will find a remote and alone hut, with nothing surrounding it.
  • Players will not be able to enter the house through the front door as it has been barred by some shelves.
  • They will have to go around the house and find an open door on the side of the house.
  • Once inside the house, the player will find the scorched paper sitting on their right.
  • The scorched paper riddle reads, “Those Fools from Fornburg said I was mad, but they will fall before Kjotve’s Blade! My hoard is hidden and safe. Ha! They will have to walk through fire to get it!”
  • So note hints on how to complete the challenge in this Mountain hut.
  • There is a wooden wall, blocking the movement of the shelves
  • This wooden wall can be exploded by throwing a torch over it as it contains a whole lot of explosive materials at the back.
  • Now as the shelves have free movement, players should go back to the front of the house and move the shelves towards the back to find a yellow feather
  • Then they have to push the shelves towards the front to find the chest that consists of the Carbon Ingot they are looking for.

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