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AC Valhalla Weaken Edwyns Hold On Oxfordshire: Chipping Away Quest Guide

AC Valhalla has many tyrants that players will have to overcome by weakening their hold over a region. Learn how to Weaken Edwyns hold on Oxfordshire here.

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AC Valhalla is ascending in popularity constantly. The game brings Norse mythology as a foundation to the campaign. The game is an action-RPG and comprises of decisions and impacts. AC Valhalla has a delightful battle framework that gives the player different battle styles to pick their own way of playing. The game additionally has plenty of missions with important prizes holding up toward the finish of each. There is a lot of secrets to open and places to investigate in AC Valhalla. Players are trying to figure AC Valhalla Weaken Edwyns hold on Oxfordshire.

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AC Valhalla Weaken Edwyns Hold on Oxfordshire

To Weaken Edwyns Hold on Oxfordshire the players will have to complete the chipping away quest. The player has to literally chip away at the supplies to weaken her hold over the region. The tricky part of this quest is that no quest markers are provided, and the quest markers only pop up when the player is near them. Fortunately the AC Valhalla Chipping Away locations have been found. Here is how to weaken Edwyns hold on Oxfordshire in AC Valhalla:

  • First, the players should head towards the east of Buckingham, near the synchronization point. Here the players will need to help Fyrd fight off some of Eadwyn’s soldiers and also there’s a camp near the river where the players can go and destroy some supply carts too.
  • Then the players will have to head towards the southwest of Buckingham where they will find another group of soldiers waiting to fight Eadwyn’s soldiers, help them out.
  • Then the player needs to head over to the river near Linforda, and help Fyrd battle another set of soldiers.
  • The last objective is also near Linforda towards the northwest, players will find two guarded supply carts and the players need to destroy these too.
  • After destroying all the resources and creating a huge amount of chaos the players will complete the Chipping Away quest and also be able to weaken Edwyns hold on Oxfordshire in AC Valhalla.

This AC Valhalla Guide will help the players walk through this quest and explain how to weaken Edwyns hold on Oxfordshire. Players can use this guide to figure out how to solve the issue they are struggling with. AC Valhalla is available to play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

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