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AC Valhalla The Lost Cauldron: Learn How To Find And Pick Up The Lost Cauldron

AC Valhalla has many quests and tasks that will sometimes confuse the player. Learn how to find and pick up the Lost Cauldron in AC Valhalla here.

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AC Valhalla has been in the stores for quite some time now and has soared to popularity. The action-RPG games involve Norse Folklore as the background for the game and the players get to play as the ferocious Vikings in the game. The game also has a huge amount of quests that players can spend their time in. There is a massive number of mysteries that players can unlock in the game and there is also a vast collection of treasures that the players can venture out and find. Many have been wondering about AC Valhalla the Lost Cauldron.

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AC Valhalla The Lost Cauldron

This is one of the quests that players have been having a hard time within AC Valhalla. The Lost Cauldron is the second quest the players will receive in the Jotunhiem Saga. In this quest, the players need to find the Lost Cauldron and pick it up to complete the quest.

To find the Lost Cauldron, the players will have to start this quest at the Serpent’s Tree. Here they will come across wreckage they need to investigate. Odin’s Sight will be really effective in completing the investigation sooner. After all the items are investigated, the players will be lead to a path to a house. Once they reach this house, they will be met with a barricaded door. To get through this path, they will need to assassinate the nearby enemy and move the cargo close by to unveil their path ahead. The players need to move ahead and destroy the breakable wood to follow the path, they will also find items here that will help the player replenish their health.

After moving ahead, the players will be greeted by a set of archers protecting the AC Valhalla Lost Cauldron. They will have to defeat these archers and reach the Cauldron. Once they reach the cauldron, they will realize that it is too heavy for them to carry. To overcome this, the players will need to walk through a nearby Arc and the Lost Cauldron will shrink in size, after that they can pick it up and the quest will be completed.

This AC Valhalla Guide will help the players walk through the Lost Cauldron Quest and explain how to complete it. Players can use this guide to figure out how to solve the issue they are struggling with. AC Valhalla is available to play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

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