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AC Valhalla War Weary: Follow This Guide To Complete Quest

AC Valhalla has a decent number of quests which gives the player an option for different outcomes. War Weary is one of those quests. Read on.

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Assassin's Creed is one of those action RPG games that always introduces its players with quests that can have more than one outcomes. One of such quests is known as "War Weary ". This quest contains choice options as to who will get the silver. Players will have to start the quest with Eivor trekking towards the Sciropescire territory. Continue reading to know all about the AC Valhalla War Weary.

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AC Valhalla War Weary

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Follow the steps mentioned below to finish this War Weary mission: 

  • First of all, you need to start the pledge toward Sciropescire.
  • Do this at the Alliance Map after completing The City of War saga.
  • Head to the teal objective marker just northwest of Quatfort in Sciropescire to begin the quest.
  • Find and speak to Ceolbert.
  • He can be located inside the longhouse in Quatfort sparring with our old friend, Ivarr.
  • After this cutscene, follow Ceolbert to the cathedral.
  • You will get 650 silver after this cutscene and will need to decide who to give the silver to.
  • After the brawl inside the cathedral, head outside and prepare for a battle.
  • There are about 15 enemies to kill here, but you will have an entire smalls army of fighters on your side.
  • Then, head over to the river where you will see that more people are fighting.
  • Defeat everyone and return to Bishop Deorlaf in the cathedral.
  • Choose any option you want to.

AC Valhalla Guide

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