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AC Valhalla Zealot Locations: Follow This Complete Guide To Find All The Zealots

Players in AC Valhalla can obtain an achievement known as "Disorder of the Ancients" by defeating specific type of enemies. Read on to know more details

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In AC Valhalla, there is a total of 45 Order of the Ancients targets that the players will have to kill if they want to achieve the Disorder of the Ancients achievement. These targets can be divided into two types: 15 Zealots and 30 Order Members. As for the Zealots, they are horse-riders and tough warriors that are always roaming in and around a specific region. A decent equipment and high level are required to face them. Continue reading to know all about AC Valhalla ancient locations.

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AC Valhalla Zealot Locations 

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Below-mentioned are the locations where you can find the Zealots.

  • Bercthun
    • Can be located in the Hamtunscire region who will have a power of 340.
    • Just keep looking for him in the plain field.
    • He will be riding around the area on a horse.
  • Hrothgar
    • Suggested Power for Hrothgar is 280.
    • Can be located in the Suthsexe region riding on the roads.
  • Woden
    • Can be located on the roads of the Cent region on his horse.
    • Suggested power for Woden is 220.
  • Cudberct
    • You can find Cuberct in the Oxenefordscire region on a horse.
    • Suggested power for Cudberct is 160.
  • Heike
    • Heike can be found in the Essexe region.
    • Suggested power for Heike is 250.
    • Using the Raven or Odin’s sight to find her is a good idea.
  • Wuffa
    • Can be located in the left corner of East Anglia.
    • Suggested power for Wuffa is 160.
  • Kendall
    • He will be found in the area between Ravensburg and Walden, Granterbridgescire.
    • Suggested power for Kendall is 90.
    • He will have a long sword and shield equipped.
  • Horsa
    • Suggested power for Horsa is 130.
    • He can be found in the Oxenefordscire region near the Alne River.
  • Beorhtsige
    • Can be located in the Glowecestrescire region.
    • Suggested power for Beorhtsige is 280.
    • Beorhtsige carries a long spear and likes to dye his beard with the blood of his victims.
  • Wealdmaer
    • Suggested power for Wealdmaer is 160.
    • Can be located in the Scropescire region and carries a spear for a fight.
  • Redwalda
    • Below the Ledecestrescire region, near the river, you will find Redwalda on the main road of the area.
    • He carries a sword and a shield with him. You need to have above or near 90 power to beat him in a fight.
  • Eorforwine
    • Eorforwine is found right on the middle road of the Grantebridgescire region. She is a violent warrior that requires a player with 90 power.
  • Osgar
    • Can be located on the left of the Lincolnscire region.
    • Suggested power for Osgar is 220.
  • Cola
    • Cola is a messenger working for The Adze. He is found at the top left side of the Ledecestrescire region, beside the bridge. You need to have above 90 power to beat him.
  • Callin
    • Can be located at the top right side of the map, in the Eurvicscire region.
    • He is mostly found below the Derwent River and carries a sword and bow with him.
    • Suggested power for Callin is 280.

AC Valhalla Guide

  • Battle for the Northern Way - Rygjafylke
    • Honor Bound
    • Family Matters
    • A Seer's Solace
    • The Prodigal Prince
    • Rude Awakening
    • A Cruel Destiny
    • Birthrights
    • The Seas of Fate
  • Battle for the Northern Way - Ravensthorpe
    • The Swan-Road Home
    • Settling Down
    • The Alliance Map
  • The Kingmaker's Saga - Ledecestrescire
    • The Sons of Ragnar
    • Bartering
    • Rumors of Ledecestre
    • The Walls of Templebrough
    • Tilting the Balance
    • Heavy Is The Head
    • Hunted
    • Report on Ledecestrescire
  • The Song of Soma - Grantebridgescire
    • The Great Scattered Army
    • Orphans of the Fens
    • Glory Regained
    • Razing Earnningstone
    • Unholy Father
    • Storming Ravensburg
    • The Stench of Treachery
    • An Island of Eels
    • Reporting on Grantebridgescire
  • Asgard Saga - Asgard
    • View Above All
    • Well-Traveled
    • Defensive Measures
    • Extended Family
    • Forging a Bond: Part 1
    • A Feline's Footfall
    • Taking Root
    • Forging a Bond: Part 2
    • The Big Finish
    • Binding Fate
  • Jotunheim Saga - Jotunheim
    • Mistress of the Iron Wood
    • The Lost Cauldron
    • A Gift from the Past
    • A Feast to Remember
    • The Price of Wisdom

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