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Avengers Multiplayer Not Working, Here's The Fix To Avengers Failed To Join Session Error

Avengers multipler not working, nothing to worry about. Read below to learn how to fix Avengers failed to join session error message pop up.

avengers multiplayer not working

Marvel's Avengers is one of the most popular superhero games. Everybody has had a fascination towards these games since it became a movie franchise. After a ten year long stressful wait, the moment has finally come, a triple AAA feature game for The Avengers is finally here and the fans are delighted.

The game has also introduced a multiplayer co-op feature that was highly anticipated by the fans as which player doesn't want to be a part of the Avenger's ensemble with your friends, but now that it is here the execution seems incomplete. Avengers' multiplayer function isn't working in the best of ways and is frustrating a lot of fans with the Avengers failed to join session error message.

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Avengers failed to join session error

When the players want to start up a co-op mission, they have to visit the matchmaking lobby of Avengers. In the matchmaking lobby, other players can enter your lobby or you could go to some other player's lobby to play a mission with them. If this process is successful then the team goes through and starts the mission. This is the same process over a lot of games to play along with other players, the problem with Avengers is that while attempting to join a lobby, Avenger pops up with the failed to join session error message, sending the player back to repeat the whole process.

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How to fix failed to join a session error?

When the players are ready for the Avengers to assemble, but the game doesn't allow it, it can be the worst feeling. It can be really frustrating for their players when they are all set up and ready to start a mission but due to matchmaking issues and errors the missions cannot be started, fortunately for the players, there is a workaround for this error and they can resume the smooth play again. Here are the ways to fix the failed join session error:

  • Test internet connection, double-check the speed and stability of your internet connection before starting a session.
  • Disable matchmaking, choose the mission to play, then enable matchmaking. This method works sometimes and not always.
  • Restart the game if the issue isn't solved and that should hopefully do the trick.

It is possible that these fixes won't completely get rid of the issue and that can cause frustration, but it is expected to be patched in an update by the developers.

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