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Best Guns In COD Mobile Season 10 That You Must Check Out; See Full List

Best guns in COD mobile: Here is a complete guide on the best weapons you can use in Call Of Duty Mobile for weapon class. Read on to know more details.

best guns in cod mobile

COD mobile is one of the biggest mobile gaming applications in the world. Fans from all over the world get together with their squads and pour hours and hours into the extremely fun game. COD mobile is an action, multiplayer shooter which also features the famous battle royale mode. COD mobile even takes the amazing things from the Call of Duty franchise.

COD mobile is also making strides in the competitive market and become one of the staple games for esports. Players are getting extremely competitive and the race is on to be the best in the game. To be the very best, the players need to know what are the best weapons they can include in their arsenal to give them the edge they need over the opponents.

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Best Weapons to have in COD mobile

COD is very prompt with its updates and adds new content with every new season. Every new season also gets a fresh batch of guns for the players to explore and shoot around with. To figure out the best gun for their specific play, players have to keep in mind three specific criteria: Damage, Accuracy, and Fire rate.

There cannot be one undisputed winner between all the weapons as the playstyles of every player differ, however, here is a compiled list of all the top-level weapons in COD mobile.

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Assault Rifles:

Weapon Damage Accuracy Fire Rate
DR-H 71 45 56
ASM-10 60 55 55
AK-47 70 45 55

Light Machine Guns:

Weapon Damage Accuracy Fire Rate
M4LMG 60 60 55
UL736 70 45 60

Shot Guns

Weapon Damage Accuracy Fire Rate
BY-15 98 48 29
KRM-262 98 51 28

Sub-machine guns

Weapon Damage Accuracy Fire Rate
HG-40 70 60 20
QQ9 40 38 83

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How to create a room in COD mobile?

Once the player has decided their weapon of choice, they are going to need a place to test it out. It is best to create a private room and test your weapons out with your friends. Here’s how you can create a private room in COD mobile:

  • Load up COD Mobile and make sure it is up to date
  • Once on the home screen, players can view 3 types of game modes on the top right corner, Multiplayer, Ranked matches, and Battle Royale, choose the preferred game mode in which you desire to make a room
  • The player will move to the matchmaking lobby after choosing any of the game modes
  • From there the player needs to click on the menu which is signified with 3 horizontal lines on the top right corner of the screen
  • In the menu list, the Private option will be listed, tap on that.
  • This should lead the player in a private room, where they can invite other players to join their room and start a gaming session.

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