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Apex Legends Season 8: Know About The Main Changes To Kings Canyon Here

Apex Legends Season 8 brings changes to Kings Canyon once again. The main new point of interest is the devastation after the ship crashes into the map.

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The new Apex Legends season 8 adds brand new playable character known as Fuse and the 30-30 Repeater, along with some brand-new location changes to the Kings Canyon. This original map of Apex Legends has gone through many changes throughout the various seasons and finally, the map has become balanced. Continue reading to know all about this update.

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Kings Canyon in Apex Legends Season 8

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Ever since the release of Apex Legends, the original map - Kings Canyon has gone through many changes as it got destroyed and was remade many times. Initially, it was invaded by leviathans and flyers. Then Crypto went on to destroy the relay tower which kept these creatures away, after which it was Loba's turn to cave in the facility that was present below Skull Town and Thunderdome. Now the ex-friend of Fuse, Maggie has blown the mountains in one of the parts of the map. All this has finally made the map a lot bigger than it originally was.

Apex Legends Update

  • New Legend: Fuse
    • Meet Fuse: a mercenary-turned-cage fighter who never turns down a good dust-up. His affinity for explosions allows him to carry extra grenades and to throw them faster and further. He can launch a cluster bomb with airburst explosives. And when it’s time to really bring the boom, Fuse uses “Wally” to launch a bombardment that encircles an area in a ring of flames.
  • Passive - Grenadier
    • Stack an extra grenade per inventory slot. Fire grenades farther, faster, and more accurately.
  • Tactical - Knuckle Cluster
    • Launch a cluster bomb that continuously expels airburst explosives on impact. 
  • Ultimate - The Motherlode
    • Launch a bombardment that encircles a target area in a wall of flames.
  • New Weapon: 30-30 Repeater
    • This heavy ammo lever-action repeater boasts hard-hitting rounds that’ll nail a fleeing Mirage at 200 paces.
    • The 30-30 is the benchmark for reliability, designed to withstand whipping sandstorms and temporal instability, which made it an obvious choice for the Apex Games.
  • Disciplined Trigger Finger
    • The 30-30 Repeater requires the user to rechamber their rounds between shots which brings a methodic rhythm to the rifle, an analogue elegance that the modern weapons of the Outlands just can’t quite capture.
    • To further tempt those itchy trigger fingers, the 30-30 Repeater has a built-in charge giving players an opportunity to deal increased damage with each shot at the cost of a short build-up.
    • The 30-30 reloads one round at a time, which makes for some very interesting resource management you won’t find anywhere else, even on the Mastiff.
    • The 30-30’s engagement range allows unique opportunities to reload individual rounds between shots. This gives the Repeater the ability to lay down consistent precision ranged pressure, something weapons with full reloads can sometimes struggle with.
  • Kings Canyon Map Update
    • Season 8 once again sees changes to Kings Canyon. The main new point of interest shows the devastation from the ship crashing into the map. Players can now explore beyond Artillery, Spotted Lakes takes over the Slums and some new observation towers for basic recon or a sniper’s nest.

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