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Days Gone Receives Massive 25GB Update, Fixes Performance And Stability Issues

Days Gone received one of its biggest updates since its launch clocking in at the size of 25GB ahead of the PlayStation 5 launch. Read to know more.

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The PS Plus collection will be bringing many games to the PS4 which will be free to download. As the PlayStation 5 is nearing its launch, many games have been receiving updates major updates in order to improve framerates and the loading times of the game. Similarly, Days Gone has now received an update which is perhaps its biggest in recent times, clocking at a size of 25GB on the PS4. The zombie shooter game has been out since April 2019 and it looks like Days Gone has received one of its monumental updates which ensure backwards compatibility and take advantages of new features when played on the next-gen PS5. Read below to check out the patch notes for the Days Gone update -

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Days Gone PS4 update patch notes

  • Added operational stability improvements

  • Addressed crashing issues

  • Fixed framerate drop and lag issues

  • Performance and stability performance

The latest update has been titled version 1.70, and as of now, there is no official confirmation whether this version has been to live directly for the PS5, or that players will have to download the additional 25GB in order to bring out the maximum performance from their latest console. The update has also followed the footsteps of the Last of Us Remastered which brought down the loading times on the PS4 from minutes to mere seconds. 

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While the loading times have been made faster for the PS4 on older games, fans started to raise their concerns whether the game developers and the system could previously do the same but did not provide their user base with the peak performance of the game. However on the 25GB Days Gone update, the patch notes seem to be leaning heavily on fixing basic issues like stability, crashing issues, framerate drops, lag issues, and performance issues. 

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This update comes just a few days before Sony launches its PS5 console. Many of the first party games formt he PS4 like Final Fantasy Remake, Concrete Genie, God of War PS4, and many more are being remastered and upscaled to match the powerhouse of PS5. PS5 is all set to launch in the USA on November 12. 

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