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Fortnite Week 10 XP Coins: All XP Coin Locations On The Map For Season 4, Week 10

Players can finally jump onto the Fortnite map and start collecting all the XP coins for Season 4, Week 10. Scroll on for all the XP coin locations on the map.

Fortnite Week 10 XP coins

Fortnite has finally entered Week 10 of Chapter 2, Season 4 which brings the next batch of weekly challenges to the battle royale game. The Fortnite Week 10 challenges will allow players and Battle Pass owners to collect tons of rewards and XP. However, Fortnite fans can also collect plenty of XP coins every week, which is another great way to level up the seasonal Battle Pass. These XP coins are scattered across the island and are available in different colours. So, let us take a look at where you can find all the Fortnite Week 10 XP coins.

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Fortnite Week 10 XP coins

The Fortnite XP coins appear every week on different parts of the map. These coins show up in a number of different colours which include blue, green, purple, and gold. In Fortnite Week 10, there are a total of four green XP coins, three blue XP coins, two purple XP coins, and two gold XP coins. Here are the exact locations on the map where you can find all the XP coins this week.

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The two gold coins are located at the Doom's Domain Vault and Sentinel Graveyard respectively. For the green coins, you can first head over to the Stark Industries to collect your first coin, whereas the remaining three are aligned vertically. You can get the second coin close to Coral Castle, while the third and fourth coins can be found near the Sweaty Sands and Weeping Woods respectively.

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For the blue XP coins, you will first need to drop by the Water Cooler below the Authority and head towards the Basement Chair to grab the second one. For the third blue coin, go down towards the Cabinet. To collect the purple XP coins, you can first head towards the area between the Creeping Woods and the Slurpy Swamps to collect the first coin. The second one is at H5 between the Dirty Docks and Retail Row. You can collect these XP coins by simply dropping on top of them. However, if you fail to collect them, you can hop right back onto them until collected.

Apart from collecting the Fortnite Week 10 XP coins, players can also complete the Fortnitemares challenges in the game that have been added as part of the ongoing Fortnite Halloween event.

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