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Genshin Impact Crown Of Insight: Know How To Get Crown Of Insight And More

Genshin Impact has many types of items that can help the players level up in their journey. Learn more about Genshin Impact Crown of Insight here.

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Genshin Impact is one of the popular growing Fantasy open-world RPGs out there right now. It is free to play the game, which makes it an eye-catching deal for the players to download and play the game. The game is available to play on PS4, iOS, Android, and PC. The developers have created a huge open world for the players to dive in and completely immerse themselves. It is a diverse map with scenic landscapes, beautiful water bodies, and magnificent structures. Many players have been asking how to get Crown of Insight in Genshin Impact.

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How to get Crown of Insight in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Crown of Insight is an incredibly uncommon Talent Level-Up Material needed to step up Combat Talents to their last standard position. This does exclude conceivable extra levels acquired from Constellations or from Tartaglia's latent ability, Master of Weaponry. One Crown of Insight is needed for redesigning each Lv. 10 Talent three for each Character on an average, and it is at present the necessary asset for each playable character as of now in the game. The Genshin Impact Crown of Insight can be acquired in two ways, check them out below:

  • Crown of Insight can be obtained by upgrading the Frostbearing Tree to level 11.

It can also be obtained by participating and winning in events, these events include:

  • Unreconciled Stars
  • The Chalk Prince and the Dragon
  • Lantern Rite

How to kill Oceanid Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact has a vast amount of bosses. Every boss has their own level of difficulty. There are some ultra difficulty bosses in the game and the Oceanid is one of them. Oceanid does not go down easily, this may be attributed to the fact that the Oceanid has a very different combat style. The Oceanid does not take on the players directly, instead, it uses the water around to create mini-bosses that the player has to battle. Defeating these bosses will inflict damage to the Oceanid. These minions created by the Oceanid don’t give up easily so the player should be prepped. Here are some tips on how to kill Oceanid in Genshin Impact:

Ranged Battle

  • Use Amber to wage a ranged battle to keep a safe distance

Close range battle

  • Use an electro or a pyro character to inflict more damage, an anemo or hydro character would be useless against the Oceanid


  • There will be annoying crabs that will cause hindrance so the players should take care of them immediately

Disappearing platforms

  • There are platforms that keep disappearing so the players should watch out for that


  • Evading is one of the moves that you should perfect, keep an eye on the stamina meter though while trying to evade

Food for health

  • Stock up on everything you can as this isn’t an easy boss, players will need everything in their bag to take the Oceanid on

Level Up

  • Defeating the Oceanid isn’t an easy task at all. It is advisable for the players to have at least 2 characters that are above level 40 before waging a battle with the Oceanid.

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