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Genshin Impact Guyun Starcatcher Location: Check Out The Guyun Meteorite Shards Location

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars event has the players looking for meteorite shards location all over Tevyat. Learn about Genshin Impact Guyun Starcatcher here

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Genshin Impact is the go-to game for most players right now. This free to play game has produced gigantic measures of publicity. Genshin Impact has made a rich and profound universe of Tevyat which is loaded up with content for major parts in each alcove and corner. The game has puzzles, journeys, bosses, and much more for the players to remain occupied in. Genshin Impact additionally supports multiplayer, so players can crew and take on some Elite bosses. Players want to know about Genshin Impact Guyun Starcatcher.

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Genshin Impact Guyun Starcatcher

For the Genshin Impact Unreconciled event, the players need to pluck meteorite shards all over the map and can earn a lot of Primogems and Mora in the process. For completing all the locations, the players will receive 180 Primogems and 120,000 Mora. The players have been having a difficult time finding the meteorite shards' location as they have been spread all over the world of Tevyat. Here are the quests the players need to complete for the Unreconciled Stars event:

  • Where Stars Fall
  • Guyun Starcatcher
  • Meteors over Qingce
  • Starlit Cape Oath
  • Stardust in Jueyun
  • Yaoguang Algol.

The meteorite shards location that the players are having a problem with the most is the Genshin Impact Guyun Starcatcher Location. Players need to find these meteorites in the Guyun Stone Forest which can be a tedious task for some as the meteorites have been spread across a couple of islands in this region. Check out the Genshin Impact Guyun Starcatcher Location below:

  • The Guyun Stone forest is made of 6 large islands and some small islands around it
  • To complete the quest the players only need to find 7 meteorite shards, but there are 20 located in this region
  • On the biggest island in the southeast, the players can find 4 meteorites
  • Then on the island adjacent to that, they can find two more
  • Moving up to the next island, the players will find one more meteorite
  • Then traveling to the next island, they can find one on the way, and on the island, they can find two more meteorites
  • Then moving to the next island, they will find another meteorite on the way and 1 more on the island
  • Now the rest of the meteorites are stuck on the small land masses surrounding these islands, players can visit them to complete their Guyun Starcatcher collection
  • For the collection of 7 meteorite shards in Guyun, the players will receive 30 Primogems and 20,000 Mora.

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