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Genshin Impact Heart Island Location: Where To Find Heart Island?

One of the secrets in Genshin Impact is the Heart Island where the players will be able to obtain an Anemoculus and a hidden chest. Read on.

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Genshin Impact is filled with a lot of fun things to do along with experiencing many secrets that have been spread throughout the world. A majority of these secrets introduce new quest lines and treasures. One of such secrets is the Heart Island where the players will be able to obtain an Anemoculus and a hidden chest. Continue reading to know where to find heart island in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact Heart Island Location

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The very first thing to do for finding this island is to go back to the beach where the game started. Follow these steps to find the Heart Island:

  • This beach can be located near Starfell Lake.
  • After making your way here, you will be able to see an island far away in the east direction.
  • Gliding to this island is not an option since there are no mountains or tall structure to climb.
  • The only option that remains is to use a Cryo element character since swimming to this island is also not possible as it is too far away.
  • Using Kaeya's special ability to freeze water is the easiest method.
  • Just keep freezing the water in front of you and walk on it till you reach the island.
  • On the island, the players will find the Anemoculus along with several common chests.

Genshin Impact Update

  •  New Questlines
    • 1. New story quests
    • After the Version 1.3 update, Xiao's story quest "Alatus Chapter" will be available.
    • More story quests are on the way, so please stay tuned!
  • 2. New world quests
    • A total of 26 festive World Quests will become available over the course of the Lantern Rite event, accessible from "Lantern Rite Tales" on the Events menu.
    • A further world quest "Bough Keeper: Dainsleif" will also be added.
  • VI. Other New Content
    • Gameplay
      • 1. New monsters: Geovishap, Primo Geovishap
      • 2. New gadgets:
        • Parametric Transformer
        • Complete the world quest "Tianqiu Treasure Trail" from Lan in Liyue Harbor to obtain the Parametric Transformer. Enhancement Materials can be converted into Character EXP Materials, Character Level-Up Materials, and Weapon Ascension Materials by placing them in the Parametric Transformer to undergo transmutation.
      • 3. New consumable: Dust of Azoth can convert the Elemental Type of Character Ascension Materials.
      • 4. New achievement "Transmutation Nuclide"
      • 5. New recipes:
        • Xinyue Kiosk's "Fullmoon Egg"
        • Wangshu Inn's "Vegetarian Abalone"
        • Liuli Pavilion's "Stone Harbor Delicacies"

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