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Genshin Impact Ruin Guard Location: Here Are Location Details Of Ruin Guards

Ruin Guards are one of the toughest enemies in Genshin Impact for players below level 25. Here is a quick strategy and location guide to find them.

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Genshin Impact has a lot of awesome mechanisms and features for its player base. But this also includes tough enemies like the Ruin Guard. The difficulty of defeating this guard stands somewhere in mid to high levels. Although he is a great resource for finding the Chaos Devices, he should not be taken lightly. Here are some of the sure locations for finding the Ruin Guard.

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Genshin Impact Ruin Guard Location

The Ruin Guard of Genshin Impact can be pretty powerful for the players who are low level. But even the higher level players summon an archer for battling it out with this guard. Most would choose Amber (if you are lucky enough to get her with that 0.6% drop rate), but even Venti can easily finish a battle like this.

For the Mondstadt location, players will be able to find a Ruin Guard in the Thousand Winds Temple. Now for the Ruin Guards in Liyue, players should be able to locate one in the southeast direction of Mingyun Village, one in the north direction of the Sea of Clouds, and lastly, one more can be found at the Guili Plains location.

However, your mileage may vary, as they can spawn in all sorts of locations. Additionally, they tend to be around Level 20-25 from what we've played, so watch out if you're under-levelled!

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Genshin Impact Tier List

  • For the S Tier
    • Diluc for DPS
    • Fischl for Support
    • Qiqi as Healer
    • Venti for Support
  • For the A Tier
    • Barbara as Healer
    • Chongyun for DPS
    • Jean as Healer
    • Keqing for DPS
    • Mona for DPS
    • Razor for DPS
    • Traveler (Anemo) for Support
    • Xiangling for DPS, Support
    • Xiao for DPS

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  • For the B Tier
    • Kaeya for Support
    • Klee for DPS
    • Ningguang for DPS
    • Sucrose for Support
    • Traveler (Geo) for Support
    • Xingqiu for Support
  • For the C Tier
    • Beidou for DPS
    • Bennett for DPS, Support
    • Lisa for Support
    • Noelle for DPS, Healer

Genshin Impact Download

Genshin Impact is available for PS4, PC, Android, and iOS platforms. Below are the links for each one, and the game can be downloaded directly from there:

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