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Genshin Impact Teyvat Times: Learn More About The Genshin Impact Newsletter

Genshin Impact has its very own newsletter called the Teyvat Times, which records data from servers across the world. Learn about Teyvat Times and more here.

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Genshin Impact has garnered fame recently. The free-to-play game has a huge player base already. The game is incredibly fun to play with Anime-style combat and characters. The world of Genshin Impact looks like it has taken inspiration from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is an RPG and includes the core features of that too. Players need to wander around the World of Teyvat, gathering items and resources to level up their gear and characters. Many have inquired about Genshin Impact Teyvat Times.

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Genshin Impact Teyvat Times

Tevyat is the world created in which the events of Genshin Impact take place. Teyvat Times is an online newsletter published by MiHoYo containing Travelers' statistics. This data is collected from the America, Europe, Asia, and TW, HK, and MO servers. Tevyat Times records all the events that are happening all around the world in Genshin Impact and provides it as news for the players to know what the other adventurers are upto.

Changchang little friend location in Genshin Impact

ChangChang’s Little Friend is a world quest that players can find in Genshin Impact. Players are confused about this quest as many are not clear with the requirements to start this quest. Players need to complete A New Star Approaches Archon Quest in Order to unlock Changchang’s Little Friend quest.

The quest giver is Changchang and he can found north of Liyue Harbor Teleport Point in Liyue. Players need to head there between 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM to find Changchang there. Changchang will ask the player to get some food for his dog.

Players need to head to the entrance of Liyue Harbor to find the dog. Changchang little friend location is marked with the quest marker on the map. They need to feed the dog some fowl and head back to Changchang to obtain the rewards for completing this quest. The players will receive 10 Raw meat, 10 Fowl, 10 Fish, 8 Hero’s Wit, and 100 Adventure EXP for completing this quest.

Genshin Impact Equilibrium Quest Bug

A new quest that has made its way into Genshin Impact in update 1.1 is the Equilibrium Quest. The Equilibrium Quest has a bug that is pestering a majority of players. The equilibrium Quest bug is that the quest-specific slime doesn’t appear and the quest cannot be completed. The Equilibrium quest bug is causing a major hindrance for the players, as they are not able to progress further in the story, and even more concerning is that the players are locked out of co-op mode because of this bug.

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