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How To Change Your Gamertag On Xbox App, Online, And Xbox One Console?

Microsoft allows users to change their Gamertags after initial sign-up. Read on to learn how to change your Gamertag on Xbox app, online, and Xbox One console.

How to change your Gamertag on Xbox app

A Gamertag is the online persona or an alter ego in the world of Xbox Live which can enhance your entire gaming experience on the console. It helps identify you when you're playing games or sharing content with your friends or others within the Xbox community. Microsoft allows its users to change the Gamertags if they aren’t satisfied with the existing one, but you need to pick them wisely as the company will actually charge you when you attempt to make any changes to them later on. The fee varies by region and currency and is displayed when you opt for a change.

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Xbox One revamped Gamertag system

Microsoft has revamped its entire Gamertag system across PC and mobile platforms with the November 2019 update for Xbox One. The change is intended to give its users more options and choices in how they represent themselves online in the Xbox world. So let us take a quick look at what exactly are these changes before we guide you on how you can actually access the Gamertag settings on your Xbox console to update it.

  1. Expanded support for 13 alphabets
  2. A new suffix system to allow multiple users to share a Gamertag. Xbox auto assigns a four-digit number to your Gamertag when you choose a name that’s already been used. Xbox marks the suffix using a hashtag and reduces the font to keep a user’s focus mainly on the Gamertag chosen.

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How to change your Gamertag on Xbox app?

Microsoft creates a Gamertag for you the first time you sign in into your account. However, you can always change it later using your Xbox One app. To change your Gamertag, you need to open the Xbox app and select 'Menu'. Now, click on your Gamerpic and select the 'Customize' option. Lastly, click on 'Change Gamertag'. Find your preferred Gamertag with or without a suffix before confirming the changes.

How to change your Gamertag on Xbox online?

Visit the link here and sign in using your Microsoft account associated with your Gamertag. Type in any Gamertag of your choice. Check if it's available and proceed to update it by clicking on the ‘Change Gamertag’ button.

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How to change your Gamertag on the Xbox One console?

If you would rather update your Gamertag using your Xbox One, make sure that your console is up-to-date and runs the latest firmware. If you’re all up to date, simply tap the Xbox button on the controller which will take you to the overlay menu. From here, you need to move left through the available tabs towards the Gamerpic and click on the profile that you wish to make changes to. Click on 'My Profile', then select the ‘Customize Profile’ option. On the left side of the display, you need to click on your Gamertag. The next page will allow you to check and update a new Gamertag. Find the right Gamertag and confirm the changes.

Once the changes are made, the new Gamertag will reflect across all platforms.

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