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How To Get Sinnoh Stone In Pokemon Go? Which Pokemon Evolves By Using This Stone?

How to get Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go? Here is everything you need to know how you can get the stone and which Pokemon support evolve using the Stone.

how to get sinnoh stone

Pokemon Go is helping many pocket monster fans fulfill their dream to be a Pokemon Master. The game not only allows a player to catch Pokemons but one can also make their pocket monster evolve from small Tier one to the highest evolution stage. However, there is a stone called the Sinnoh stone in Pokemon Go that can help you to evolve your Pocket Monsters instantly. This is why many players are wondering about "how to get Sinnoh Stone?" If you have been wondering about the same, then do not worry, here is all you need to know.

How to get Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go?

The Sinnoh Stone can be used to evolve Pokemon instantly, however, it is quite evident that not all pocket monsters will evolve using the stone. There is a list of a few Pokemon who support the Sinnoh Stone's magic to evolve. Below is a list of all the Pokemons that will evolve if you use this stone.

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  • Pokemon that evolve via Sinnoh Stone

    • Magneton
    • Eevee
    • Nosepass
    • Aipom
    • Lickitung
    • Tangela
    • Yanma
    • Male Kirlia
    • Female Snorunt
    • Rhydon
    • Electabuzz
    • Magmar
    • Togetic
    • Misdreavus
    • Murkrow
    • Gligar
    • Sneasel
    • Porygon 2
    • Roselia
    • Dusclops
    • Piloswine

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Get Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go

There is a certain procedure that you need to know before you expect to get Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go. The game has a protocol and once you fulfill it, you get your stone instantly. Here is what you must do to get the Sinnoh stones.

  • You get a chance of receiving a Sinnoh Stone when collecting your seventh day Field Research reward
  • You also get the Pokemon Go evolution stone by completing PvP Trainer Battles
  • One can also receive the Sinnoh Evolution Stone by defeating a Team Go Rocket Leader
  • Another possible way is through the 'Mystery Item' in Go Battle League reward

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Sinnoh Stone is different from other special evolution items until now. The Stone requires you to either reach the seventh day of your PokéStop Daily Bonus streak or a rare drop from spinning standard Poké Stops and opening Gifts.

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