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How To Make A Dispenser In Minecraft To Store And Dispense Stackable Items?

A Dispenser is a special Redstone-powered block which allows players to place a number of items inside it. Read on to learn how to make a Dispenser in Minecraft


In Minecraft, a Dispenser is a solid block which is used to store and dispense items. It has the ability to store up to 9 stackable items and dispense them once they are activated using a Redstone device. These are used to automatically shoot projectiles at mobs. So, let’s take a look at how you can make a Dispenser in Minecraft.

How to make a Dispenser in Minecraft?

Step 1: Materials required to make a Dispenser in Minecraft

  • One Redstone ore – You will need one Redstone block. An iron pickaxe (or higher) can be used for mining Redstone ore.
  • Seven Cobblestone blocks – You need to mine seven blocks of grey Cobblestone. This can be done using a pickaxe. A wooden pickaxe will work.
  • Three pieces of String – For this, you will actually need to kill three spiders. It is suggested that you do so sometime during the day as spiders tend to become far more aggressive at night.
  • One block of Wood – A block of wood can be chopped off from any of the trees in Minecraft. In case you don't have a crafting table, you will need to chop one extra block.
  • A crafting table will be required for crafting a Dispenser.

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Step 2: Craft wood planks

To craft a wood plank, press the key 'E' to load the inventory. Now, click and drag a woodblock into the 'Crafting' section. Doing so will create four wooden planks. You need to click and drag it into the inventory.

Step 3: Open the crafting table

For users who don't have a crafting table, it can be created by pressing the key 'E' and using four wood planks.

Step 4: Make a bundle of sticks

To craft a bundle of sticks, you need to place a plank in the bottom-centre square of the crafting table, then add another one right on top in the middle square. This will result in a bundle of four sticks which needs to be moved to the inventory.

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Step 5: Make a bow

To do so, you will need three sticks and three pieces of string. These need to be placed in the crafting table's 3x3 grid in this manner:


  • One stick - Middle column of the top row
  • One stick - Left column of the middle row
  • One stick - Middle column of the bottom row


  • One string in each row of the right-hand column

Once the bow is ready, you need to move it into the inventory.

Step 6: Place the Bow in the centre of the crafting grid

You can place the bow in the middle grid by dragging it from the inventory.

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Step 7: Add Cobblestone

Once you have a bow in the middle of the grid, you need to place a block of cobblestone in every row of the left and right columns along with one in the top-centre box.

Step 8: Place the Redstone in the bottom-centre box

The Redstone is the last ingredient required for creating a Dispenser. You will see a dispenser icon, represented by a grey box with a hole inside. You can find it on the right side of the grid.

Step 9: Click the Dispenser icon

Click on the Dispenser icon to move it into your inventory. You can now start placing the dispenser.

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