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Is Venom In Spider Man Miles Morales? Mid-credit Scene Explained

Is Venom in Spider Man Miles Morales? has been the question for many fans around the world. Read to know if Venom makes an appearance in the game.

is venom in spider man miles morales

Spider Man Miles Morales recently made its way to the next-gen PS5 and the older PS4 consoles and quickly became all the rage for the longtime fans of the previous games and the character of Spider Man Miles Morales. This will be the first time Miles gets to have a centre stage in the video game format which has resulted in a number of fans enjoying the stumbling and falling Spider Man. However, one question left for fans is whether Venom is a part of the Miles Morales game. Check out the answer below:

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Is Venom in Spider Man Miles Morales?

To sum it up easily, Venom does not actually feature in the 6-7 hour long campaign for the Miles Morales video game. Throughout the gameplay, players get to use the 'Venom Power' where Miles can attack using concentrated bolts of the bioelectricity which builds inside him, but the name given to the attack is a mere coincidence and does not have to do anything with the actual villain Venom. However, things become interesting towards the end of the game for those who were waiting for Venom to show up. 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

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The Spider Man Miles Morales game features mid and post-credit scenes which suggest that the Spidey adventures have just begun and the Spider-Verse will be explored upon furthermore. In the mid-credit scene, Harry Osborn could be seen floating in a tank full of green liquid where Venom-like symbiote can be seen floating around him. The same symbiote was earlier seen in the original Spider Man game. However, this time around it can be seen moving as if it is conscious. This clearly hints that in the Spider-Verse being created by Insomniac Games, Harry Osborn will be subjected to becoming the Venom. Perhaps, fans could also be treated to a Miles Morales Vs Venom adventure in the future of the game. Check out the post-credit scene below - 

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While the details about an upcoming Spider Man game by Insomniac has not been mad eyet. It can be assumed that the next game will revolve back around Peter Parker. With Miles joining Peter for his adventures, it will be a fun ride for fans nonetheless. Spider Man Miles Morales is now out for PS5 and PS4 consoles. 

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