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SpiderMan Miles Morales: Who Plays Phin Mason In Latest Spidey Adventure?

SpiderMan Miles Morales: Read below to know who plays the smart menace character of Phin Mason in the latest Miles Morales video game adventure.

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SpiderMan Miles Morales recently made its way to PS5 and PS4 consoles only to bring back the 'Spidey Fever' which had gotten to fans two years back during the launch of the first launch. Granted, the spin-off game featuring Miles Morales in the centre point is not as extensive as the first game, but, it manages to provide a 7-8 hours long campaign coupled with another 5-6 hours or more to complete all the side quests, making it a competent game as per current standards. The story-based game has been lauded for its character development and personal stakes for the central character i.e Miles Morales who ends up losing more than he could imagine towards the end of the game. However, one standout character from SpiderMan Miles Morales game has been that of Phin Mason aka The Tinkerer. Read below to know who plays the character of Phin Mason in the latest adventure of Miles Morales -

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Who plays Phin Mason in Miles Morales cast?

The voice and motion capture performance for Phin Mason/Tinkerer has been done by actor Jasmin Savoy Brown. The actor has featured in a number of shows and films before featuring in SpiderMan Miles Morales as the primary antagonist like Will, For The People, and Love. As of now, the actor is busy working on the Untitled 'Scream' franchise sequel which will be dropping in 2022. Jasmin Savoy Brown embodies the character of Phin with poise and rage which translates upon her performance in-game. Since the character has been built upon a motion-capture performance, similarities between Phin mason and her real-life counterpart can be seen clearly. Check out what Phin Mason looks like in real life below -

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On the other hand, Nadji Jeter has done the motion-capture performance for  Miles Morales. While sharing photos from him being on the set of the game, Nadji wrote the following - 'To become a character so impactful Means the World to me. The story of Miles is what this generation & the next need! I just thank the heavens above for blessing me with the opportunity & responsibility to bring him to Life!!'. Check out his tweet below - 

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