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Overwatch Kanezaka Challenge: Here's More About The New Map And Challenge

Overwatch Kanezaka challenge has been launched and the players are certainly loving it. We have also listed al the information we have about the same. Read


Overwatch players have recently been talking about the new update that the makers have just rolled out. It brings in a brand new map and the players are certainly curious about it. They have been trying to find more details related to the game. So we have managed to gather all the information we have and mention it right here. Read more 

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New Overwatch Map, Kanezaka 

Overwatch’s Kanezaka map has been released and the players are certainly loving it. The map has been introduced as a part Kanezaka Challenge runs that started from Jan. 12 and will go on till Jan 25. This challenge bring in a number of unique sprays, a new player icon, and the Kyogisha Hanzo epic skin. Players can get the new cosmetics just by winning games in Overwatch’s Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade modes.

Apart from that, they have even added Kanezaka deathmatch map that is basically set in Tokyo, Japan. It has a lot of similarities to the existing Hanamura assault map.  The popular Hanamura castle can also be seen from Kanezaka’s city streets. Jeff Kaplan,Overwatch game director recently revealed that Kanezaka features “a lot of contextual storytelling” and “some Easter eggs and some payoff that’s going to come in Overwatch 2.” The players can earn these rewards by completing the Kanezaka map challenges.  Apart from this, we have also listed a popular video uploaded by a gamer on Youtube. We have also listed some additional information about Overwatch down below. 

  • 3 Wins - Pagoda Player Icon
  • 6 Wins - Yōkai Spray
  • 9 Wins - 1 New Epic Skin: Kyogisha Hanzo

More about Overwatch 

According to Statista, Overwatch had managed to bring in over 40 million players in the year 2018. The game is getting more popularity day by day and the makers have also been piling a lot of money with the same.  Overwatch players are also known for participating in a number of esports games. This is because of the huge amount of prizes including less than two million U.S. dollars in 2016 but it was increased to 6.59 million U.S. dollars by 2018. According to the prize pool size, Overwatch was the sixth most popular eSports game worldwide in 2018.  Their most successful year was 2016 where they managed to collect a record revenue of almost 2.5 billion U.S. dollars.

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