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Pokemon Go March 2021 Events: Check Out All That Is Coming To Pokemon Go Season Of Legends

Pokemon Go constantly updates the game to provide new content for the players to try out. Check out the Pokemon Go March 2021 events here.

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Pokemon Go has been dubbed as one of the most innovative handheld games out there. This game has created a simulated world that ties up with the real world and the players can use their phones to catch Pokemon spread across the world. Pokemon Go has also developed a lot since its release, bringing quests, missions, events, battling, new pokemon, and a lot more. Players want to know more about Pokemon Go March 2021 Events.

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Pokemon Go March 2021 events

Players are keen on learning what’s in store for them for Pokemon Go March 2021. Pokemon Go update will bring new events to the game for the month of March 2021. This month will mark the release of the new seasonal update for Pokemon Go called Legends. This season will celebrate the legendary Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon Trainers in Pokemon Go. Check out all the events for Pokemon Go March 2021 below:

Pokemon Go March Community Day

  • The first event has to be the March Community day. This event will be the spotlight hour for Shiny Fletching in Pokemon Go. Players will see a higher spawn rate for this Pokemon, they will get 3X Catch XP and incense will last for 3 Hours. Additionally, if any player manages to evolve a Fletchinder during the event time, it will evolve into Talonflame that knows incinerate.

Pokemon Debuts in Pokemon Go

  • There are a few legendary Pokemon that will make their debuts in Pokemon Go this March, these are; Therian Forme Tornadus, Therian Forme Thundurus, and Therian Forme Landorus, others will be joining these Pokemon later

Mega Evolved Pokemon and Mega Raids

  • From the first of March, players will be seeing new Mega evolved Pokemon making their debut in the game. Players can also be a part of Mega Raids from this date

Season of Legends Special Research

  • The players can try out the Season of Legends Special Research Mission in the month of March 2021. The players will have to follow Professor Willow as he makes exciting discoveries about Therian Forme Tornadus, Therian Forme Thundurus, and Therian Forme Landorus, the first three Legendary Pokémon featured during this Season. Players can complete this Special Research to earn Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus Candy as well as other rewards.

Seasonal Bonuses

  • There are some bonuses that players can obtain during this season. Players can receive increased XP from five-star raids throughout this Season only. Free Remote Raid Passes will be available at certain times during the Season.

Different Pokemon in the Wild and Eggs

  • Players will now be graced with a different set of Pokemon in their regions. In the southern hemisphere, Pokémon like Mankey, Yanma, Buizel, Woobat, will appear and in the northern hemisphere, players will encounter Pokémon like Tangela, Combee, Croagunk, Ducklett, and many more.
  • There will also be different hatchlings from the eggs. Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Budew, and more will be hatching from 2 km Eggs. Drowzee, Azurill, and Munna will be hatching from 5 km Eggs, and intrepid Trainers might find Nincada, Alomomola, and more hatching from 10 km Eggs.

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