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Pokemon GO Throwback Kanto Challenge Field Research And Rewards

Pokemon Go Throwback Kanto Challenge 2020 is finally live. Continue reading to learn about Pokemon GO Kanto Throwback Challenge Field Research and rewards.

Pokemon GO Throwback Kanto Challenge Rewards

Pokemon GO has brought a new event, the Throwback Challenge 2020, where each week, the game will bring a new set of Timed Research. So, here are all the details that you need to know for week one of the throwback challenge. The first part of Pokémon GO’s Throwback Challenge which started on May 1 features the Kanto region and runs through May 8.

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For those unaware, the Pokemon GO Throwback Challenge is a kind of Special Research, which comes with an added difficulty of being timed. Players will be expected to complete the research challenges under a specified time period, post which anything left incomplete would disappear.

As part of the special challenge, the game will also offer doubled XP gains for catching Pokemon, raiding, and hatching eggs. In addition, there is also a batch of Field Research tasks where players will be able to encounter a number of Kanto region Pokemon on successful completion.

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Pokemon GO Kanto Throwback Challenge Field Research and Rewards



Battle another trainer


Encounter a Bulbasaur


Catch three Poison-type Pokemon

Encounter a Venonat


Catch seven Pokemon


Encounter a Krabby


Play with a buddy

Encounter a Muk


Power up your Pokemon


Encounter a Squirtle

Click three snapshots of your buddy


Encounter a Pikachu


Transfer seven Pokemon


Encounter a Butterfree


One of the main features of this event is the special Throwback Challenge tasks. When players complete the Throwback Kanto tasks, they will be rewarded with a Mewtwo at the very end, along with a number of other rare Pokemon such as an Onix, Raichu, and Alakazam, among others. When players complete the set of tasks and all the upcoming sets over the next couple of weeks, they will have the opportunity to catch a Genesect. For complete details on this week's Kanto challenge tasks, check out the article here,

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