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What Is Armor Satchel In COD Warzone, What It Does, And How To Get It?

Call of Duty: Warzone has received a new update which added a new Armor Satchel in the game. Read on to learn what is an Armor Satchel in COD Warzone.

Armor Satchel COD Warzone

Activision has just rolled a new Call of Duty: Warzone update which is jam-packed with tons of new and exciting content and features. And while there has been a string of new items, and other gameplay adjustments, the game now has a new armor item called the Armor Satchel that will help change the momentum of gameplay. So, let us take a look at what is this new Armor Satchel, what it does and how you can get one.

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What is an Armor Satchel in COD Warzone?

The Armor Satchel is a combat defense which will carry a total of eight armored plates as opposed to the standard five. With the help of this armor, you will be able to survive much longer in the game when you run out of armored players. In any Battle Royale and Plunder, your health is set at 100 by default; however, you will be able to attach armor plates for more protection. Every armor plate will give you an extra 50 health in the Warzone.

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How to get an Armor Satchel in COD Warzone?

You will be able to find Armor Satchels in crates after completing the Scavenger contracts as they have replaced the gas mask which has been part of a guaranteed item for completing a Scavenger contract.

The Gas Mask, which has an animation that can be avoided using a sneaky trick, can still be bought at the Buy stations and also found in the wild. However, an Armor Satchel won't be available at the Buy stations, meaning that you will either have to get them through Scavenger contracts, loot it off of dead bodies or find it in the wild.

You should also note that looting for extra armor plates is one of the best ways to succeed in the game, as having additional armor plates in your inventory will help you put more plates on and get right back into the battle after taking shots.

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