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Pokemon GO Tricky Event: Event Schedule, Field Research, And Rewards

The Pokemon GO Tricky event brings Stunfisk, a Shiny Croagunk makes an appearance and there will be a plethora of tricky Pokemons to catch. Read for details.

Pokemon GO Tricky event

Pokemon GO Tricky event is now live. The April Fools-themed festival is a special in-game event which looks to honour the lovable tricksters and pranksters of the Pokemon world. Creatures like Gastly, Haunter, Ditto, Voltorb, Sudowoodo, Foongus, Aipom, and Croagunk, who are known to be pranksters and masters of disguise, will now be spawning in abundance in Pokemon GO. Stunfisk will also make its debut with the Pokemon Go tricky event. As part of the event, you will see Aipom and Croagunk make an appearance to photobomb you whenever you click AR photos.

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Pokemon GO Tricky event schedule

The Pokemon GO Tricky event started on Wednesday, April 1, at 8:00 AM and will run through Tuesday, April 7, 10:00 PM local time.

Pokemon GO Tricky event - Field Research and rewards

The Pokemon GO tricky event will also bring a number of limited-time Field Research to celebrate the Pokémons’ antics. Here are the Pokemon GO Tricky Field Research tasks and rewards:

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Feed your buddy a Berry

Sudowoodo encounter

Earn three candies walking with your buddy Pokemon

Stunfisk encounter

Catch three Ditto

Croagunk encounter

Catch three Voltorb

Three Poke Balls

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The Field Research tasks will be exclusive to the event. And based on the tasks you complete, you will be rewarded three Poke Balls or an encounter with Sudowoodo, Croagunk or a Stunfisk.

How to catch a Stunfisk?

Stunfisk is an electronic and ground type Pokémon that maxes out at 2162 CP. It makes for an ideal choice during the Great League fights. You will encounter a Stunfisk when you complete the above tasks, but if you're extremely lucky, you may also find it in the wild. However, completing the task will make it relatively easier for you to catch one. Once you encounter a Stunfisk, just try to make a perfect Poke Ball throw so you don't miss it.

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