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'Animal Crossing' Flower Guide: Hybrid Flower Combinations And How To Grow Them

In 'Animal Crossing', players can plant hybrid flowers by cross-breeding two others. Read on for our Animal Crossing Flower guide on how to grow hybrid flowers.

Animal Crossing flower guide

You will see an assortment of one type of flowers upon your cliffs when you first start out in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And as you continue to progress, you will be able to purchase more flower seeds and breed a variety of flower species on your island. You will find these flowers in a number of different colours including red, yellow, and white; however, there are a few more colours you can grow if you know how to plant flowers the Animal Crossing way.

Having a few variations and hybrid flowers also help you attract certain bugs that can be rarely found on the island. So, it is always good if can you plant a few on your island.

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How to get flower seeds in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Early in the game, you can purchase flower seeds from Timmy at the Residential Services. As the Nook's Cranny opens up, you should be able to buy flower seeds from there as well. At the Nook’s Cranny, you will find a number of different types of flowers each day which vary in breed and colour. One pack of flower seeds will set you back by 240 bells; however, it is best that you purchase them in a batch of five, which will cost you just 1,200 Bells.

How to grow flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Once you have your flower seeds, you can start planting them in order to create your own little garden. To do so, you simply need to open the inventory, select a seed bag that you want to plant and then click on the 'Plant' option. You will need to ensure that you are standing on or near the spot where you want to plant the flowers. Once this is done, you must water them using a watering can until they start blooming. However, once it starts raining, you will no longer need to water them.

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Animal Crossing flower hybrid: How to grow them?

If you want to grow hybrid flowers in Animal Crossing, you will need to crossbreed two others. It is possible when two flowers are the same species. You will have to plant them next to each other either directly or diagonally, but make sure to leave some gaps between them vertically and horizontally (similar to the pattern on a chessboard). If you meet these conditions, new flowers will be sprouting in the empty spaces within one to seven days.

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Animal Crossing Hybrid Flower combinations

There are some different colour combinations for every species of flower that you should know of.


  • Pink - Red + White
  • Orange - Red + Yellow
  • Black - Orange + Orange


  • Pink - Red + White
  • Orange - Red + Yellow
  • Black - Red + Red
  • Purple - Orange + Orange


  • Pink - Red + White
  • Orange - Red + Yellow
  • Black - Red + Red
  • Purple - White + White
  • Gold - For gold roses, you will need to water dried Black Roses with a Golden Watering Can.


  • Orange - Red + Yellow
  • Blue - White + White
  • Purple - Red* + Red*
  • Pink - Red + White
  • Orange - Red + Yellow


  • Pink - Red + White


  • Pink - Red + White
  • Orange - Red + Yellow
  • Blue - White + White

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