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Pokemon Go: Where To Find Gulpin? Learn The Complete Stats About This Pokemon

Pokemon Go Gulpin: Learn the complete stat details of Pokemon Go Gulpin, where to find Gulpin in Pokemon Go, Gulpin best moveset and more

Pokemon Go Gulpin

As you already know, Pokemon Go is an augmented-reality based game. It is developed and published by Niantic. If you are a regular player of Pokemon Go, then you know that it keeps adding new type of Pokemon on a consistent basis to keep its players interested in the game. In this post, we are going to have a closer look at what is Gulpin, where to find Gulpin in Pokemon Go and more.

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Gulpin is a poison-type Pokemon. And it is a Gen 3 Pokemon. It can be found in the Hoenn region. Gulpin usually lives in grassy areas. It is boosted by cloudy weather. It has both the normal and the shiny form. A normal Gulpin is green on most of its body. And it has a black diamond marking on its back. It contains a yellow feather-like structure on top of its head. On the other hand, A shiny Gulpin is blue on most of its body and has a green feather-like structure on top of its head. The interesting thing to note with this Pokemon is that Almost all of its body is its stomach. Its harsh digestive juices quickly dissolve anything it swallows. In the upcoming section, we’ll have a look at some stats of Gulpin in Pokemon Go.

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Stats of Gulpin in Pokemon Go

Below, we’ll have a look at some important stats of Gulpin in Pokemon Go. Learn and note down these stats as it’ll help you to progress towards finding a Gulpin. Also, the stats will tell you how much effort you need to put into finding and adding a Gulpin into your Pokemon Collection.

  • Type, poison.
  • ATK, 80.
  • DEF, 99.
  • HP, 140.
  • Max CP, 788.
  • Height, 0.4 M.
  • Weight, 10.3 KG.
  • Stamina, 140.
  • Capture rate, 50 percent.
  • Flee rate, 10 percent.
  • Bonus when caught, +25 percent Stardust, and +20 percent damage for moves.
  • Type of candy you will need to evolve Gulpin, Gulpin candy.
  • Candies to evolve Gulpin, 50 Gulpin candy.
  • Colour, green.
  • Abilities, Sticky-hold, Liquid-Ooze, and Gluttony. Gluttony is a hidden ability.
  • Gulpin best moveset, Pound and Gunk Shot.

Where to find Gulpin in Pokemon Go?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Gulpin lives in a grassy area. So in Pokémon Go, you can find this Pokémon in Grassland, Farmland, Forest, or even in Rough Terrain. Specifically, going to parks, playgrounds, gardens, farms, or meadows would give you better chances to encounter this Pokémon.

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