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PUBG Mobile Season 12 Update Time In India - New Update Arrives On March 12

PUBG Mobile recently released a new update on March 3 and is set to roll out a number of new features on March 12. Scroll on to get all the details.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile finally rolled out a new update, 0.17.0, on March 3. The update did not have any downtime and required an approximate total of 1.69 GB of storage space on Android, and 1.95 GB of storage space on iOS for the installation. Users on different versions will not be able to invite others, so please update to the latest version as soon as possible.

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PUBG Mobile update date and time - March 9

The latest PUBG Mobile update has come with a host of new functionalities and features. As part of the new update, Tencent also brings an all-new PUBG Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass which has gone live on March 9 starting 7:30 AM IST.

The Royale Pass is PUBG's version of a battle pass and a gateway for players to earn rewards throughout the game. The Royale Pass Points can be earned during Season 12 and it also comes with plenty of unlocks for users. Following the release, the game will offer a number of new Season 12 rewards to unlock in the coming weeks.

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PUBG update 0.17.0 – New features set to arrive on March 12

Tencent will also bring some new features on March 12 as part of the 0.17.0 update. The developers haven't announced the official timing, but the March 12 update is expected to roll out around 7:30 AM IST, as per previously released updates.

This will include the all-new Anniversary Celebration Mode. The update is also set to bring one of the most awaited features to the game – Death Replay. Along with this, the update will also feature some new content in the classic mode. This includes an Amusement Park Mode for Classic Erangel (Erangel – Amusement Park Mode), allowing players a chance to enter the Amusement Park during Erangel matchmaking.

The update will also include another mode called the Arctic Mode. It will allow players to kill hens to get chicken/meat. This new mode also comes with a drone camera. Apart from this, there is another mode called the Ranked Arena Mode which will offer free rewards such as crate coupons and silver coins if players can increase their ranks.

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Other improvements with the PUBG 0.17.0 update

The latest update offers users a range of other exciting features including an added team reservation, radio feature, colourblind mode, crew challenge upgrade, esports centre, added grenade kill broadcast, inventory improvements, tutorial improvements, rookie mission and so on.

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