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PUBG Mobile Season 15 Release Date And New Royale Pass Details

PUBG Mobile Season 15 is almost here and promises to bring a range of new content to the battle royale game. Read on to find out the release date and more.

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PUBG Mobile Season 14, which began on July 14 has been one of the most exciting seasons so far. With the conclusion of the season, developers are now preparing to roll out the next big season of the game. And just like any other season end, there has been a rank reset for all the users, with the RP section no longer accessible.

Needless to say, fans of PUBG Mobile are now awaiting the arrival of the next big season which is set to begin very soon. Game developers will be rolling out a dedicated update for PUBG Mobile Season 15.

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PUBG Mobile Season 15 release date

The new PUBG Mobile Season 15 has been called "BEYOND A.C.E" and it will be arriving on September 15. And just like the previous season of PUBG Mobile, players can expect the upcoming season to bring plenty of new content to the battle royale game with the brand new Season 15 Royale Pass. The rewards will feature a number of items ranging from outfits, vehicle skins, weapon skins, emotes, and a lot more.

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PUBG Mobile Season 15 Battle Pass

It's obvious that the new PUBG Mobile Seasons 15 will bring a new Royale Pass for the fans, allowing them the opportunity to participate in new missions and earn a variety of exciting rewards. The new PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass can be purchased by spending 600 UC. Alternatively, users can also choose to go for the Elite Royale Pass by spending 1800 UC.

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Players will also be able to take advantage of PUBG's new royale pass monthly Prime subscription to enjoy a number of exclusive benefits. However, the service is currently available for the Android platform. Tencent had announced a collaboration with the Google Play Store with an aim to promote the monthly subscription service. The Royale subscription is available in two options which include a standard RP Prime and RP Prime Plus. And while the service is currently unavailable for iOS users, it is quite likely that it will finally arrive on the platform sometime in the future.

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