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Roblox Arsenal Slaughter Event: Check Out The New Five Nights At Freddie's Tie Up Event

Roblox Arsenal Slaughter Event is a tie-up with the Five Nights at Freddies' series. Learn how to do the Arsenal Slaughter event, codes, skins and more here.


Roblox is a new age game, which provides the player with the ability to imagine and create surroundings according to their whim. It also allows the players to access multiple immersive 3D worlds created by various developers. The developers also constantly update the game to provide new content for the players and to patch the bugs and issues. The latest content addition is the Roblox Arsenal Slaughter event and players want to learn about it.

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Roblox Arsenal Slaughter event

The new Arsenal Slaughter event is the tie-up between Roblox and Five Nights at Freddie’s series. This update came to the game on February 3, 2021. It takes place in a closed restaurant where reanimated animatronics haunt down the night guard. Many players want to learn Arsenal Slaughter Event Codes and Arsenal Slaughter Event Skins. Check these out below:

Arsenal Slaughter Event Codes

  • B1 M7 K2 F4: The players will have to get inside a window and punch this code in with their Knife on the computer.

Arsenal Slaughter Event Skins

  • Animatronic Dealer
  • Animatronic Ninja
  • Animatronic Performer
  • Animatronic Rabblerouser
  • Slaughter Delinquent

How to do Arsenal Slaughter Event?

The Roblox Arsenal Slaughter Event is a tie-up with Five Nights at Freddie’s Series. Due to this collab, the players will have to do a series of tasks and survive through 5 nights to complete the event and earn all the Roblox Skin rewards. Check out the How to do Arsenal Slaughter event below:


  • Night 1 just comprises of the Rabblerouser animatronic and the Performer animatronic, it is genuinely simple if cautious, and furthermore make sure to keep the music take care of the wound. Finishing this night will give the Animatronic Dealer skin.


  • Night 2 comprises of the Rabblerouser, the Performer, and initiates the Ninja animatronic, it is marginally harder however is simple if players get its hang. The music box winding is presently restricted to 135. Finishing this night will give the Animatronic Ninja skin.


  • Night 3 is something very similar. Also, fake things will produce all throughout. Players can tell if a thing is phony on the grounds that there are little dark wisps of smoke coming from its highest point. Getting 3 fake things will gather the Dealer animatronic. Finishing this night will give the Animatronic Performer skin.


  • Night 4 is equivalent to night 3. The lone contrast is the measure of kindling and gas required (+1). Finishing this night will give the Animatronic Rabblerouser skin.


  • Night 5 is equivalent to the most recent two evenings anyway Rabblerouser is currently forcefully quick. Finishing this night gives the Slaughter Delinquent skin.

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