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Sea Of Thieves Season 4 Servers Are Back Online; Here's All Information About New Season

Sea of Thieves Season 4 is now live to play and the players are curious to learn more about it. Here is all the information about the SOT season 4. Read more

Sea of Thieves

Image: Twitter/@SeaOfThieves

Sea Of Thieves is one of the most popular action-adventure games developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. The game is getting a lot of attention from gamers because of the release of its Sea Of Thieves Season 4. Sea of Thieves Update is supposed to go live on Thursday and it will only be available for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. Sea of Thieves Season 4 release time has been set as 2:30 pm IST. The makers need to shut down their game servers for some time before making these changes to the game. 

Sea of Thieves Season 4 release time

Since then, the players have been trying to find some information about the Sea of Thieves downtime, to further enjoy all the new additions made to the game. Earlier, the makers had released an official Tweet warning the players that they will not be able to play the action-adventure for some time. The latest post from their account had confirmed that the servers are back online. The new update is also going to introduce new missions, challenges, rewards and locations to explore. All of these changes have been mentioned in the Sea of Thieves Season 4 Patch notes released on the game’s official website. Read 

Sea of Thieves Season 4 Patch notes

Seasonal Progression and Rewards

  • Progressing through Season Four will reward pirates with the Wicked Web clothing set, unique Season Four specials alongside time-limited Siren’s Wrath collectables.
  • Existing Pirate Legends or those who earn this lofty title during Season Four will also be able to unlock the Cursed Adventurer Cutlass and Wanda’s Spyglass.
  • Reaching certain Tiers of Seasonal progression will award a unique Title that shows off your success for all to see!

Season Four Trials and Deeds

  • Players seeking to accelerate their progress through a Season should consider taking on Trials: themed sets of tasks known as Deeds that will test adventuring, exploring and battling capabilities.
  • Season Four contains a refreshed set of seasonal trials for new and experienced pirates alike, while also introducing weekly and monthly trials that bring in further feats to tackle and Renown boosts to earn as the season progresses.
  • Weekly Trials are refreshed every Thursday (10 am UTC), while monthly trials are refreshed on the last Thursday of the month (also 10 am UTC).
  • Daily Deeds have been revamped in Season Four, serving players short session experiences of varying lengths: Swift Deeds designed to be tackled in 5-10 minutes and Standard Deeds likely to take around twice as long, all awarding suitable Seasonal Renown gains on completion.

(Image: Twitter/@SeaOfThieves)

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