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Secret Vehicles In GTA Vice City: List Of Some Rare Vehicles In The Game

Secret Vehicles in GTA Vice City has been one of the most searched terms by gamers. So we have listed all the information about these vehicles here.

secret vehicles in gta vice city


GTA Vice City has been one of the most talked about games since a remastered version was released for the players. Since then the players have been asking questions about the 2002 Rockstar Games release. Currently, they are trying to find some information about the secret vehicles in GTA Vice City. Thus here is all the information needed to find out more about the secret cars in GTA Vice City.  

Secret Vehicles in GTA Vice City

  • The Stretch: This vehicle is basically the Limousine in the game. The players can easily get their hands on this Limousine by using the “ROCKANDROLLCAR”. But getting the gold-coloured Limo in the game is certainly very difficult. This can only be used in the game during two mission including Recruitment Drive and Martha's Mug Shot. 
  • The Voodoo: It is one of the most popular and fastest cars in the gta vice city. It has been designed after the 1960 Chevrolet Impala. The players can easily find this vehicle in its classic red colour for almost any mission in GTA Vice City. Keep in mind that the car has a very low centre of gravity which makes it extremely difficult to flip. 
  • The Rancher: This is one of the most efficient cars available in the game. But not a lot of these can be spotted on the road of GTA Vice City. The users can get the black coloured Rancher during the Test Track mission. They need to complete it three times to get the vehicle. 
  • The Stallion: This car is also seen in almost all the GTA that have been released to date. The makers of the game have given this car the ability to perform drifts and doughnuts easily. It has been designed by keeping the Ford Mustangs from 1964 to 1968 in mind. There is no specific location to find this car but the players can get one at the car showroom in the game. 
  • The Maverick: This is one of the most useful vehicles available in the game. The players can get their hands on this vehicle during the Loose Ends mission. This gta vice city missions will give them access to the blue helicopter in the game. Getting this helicopter might not be easy but can be found at random locations throughout the game. 

GTA Vice City Cars Cheats

  • Spawn Alt Bloodring Banger: GETTHEREQUICKLY
  • Spawn Alt Hotring Racer: GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST
  • Nearby Vehicles Explode: BIGBANG
  • Flying Vehicles: COMEFLYWITHME

These are few of the cheat code, you can visit gta vice city cheats to explore all the cheats which will lead to increase in your performance within the game.


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