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Seraphine Vs Sona: Reason Why The Two League Of Legends Characters Are So Similar

Seraphine vs Sona has been a popular topic amongst the gaming community lately. This is because the players found many similarities between them. Read more

seraphine vs sona

League of Legends has now announced their new champion and the players have picked up a valuable piece of information from it. The makers introduced Seraphine as the new champion of LOL (League of Legends). The players have found a lot of similarities between Seraphine and Sona and have been talking about it since a long time now. Read more to know about Seraphine.

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Seraphine is just Sona

The players have found similarities between the new LOL champion, Seraphine and Sona. This has started a new debate on social media where the players are climbing that Seraphine is just Sona. A Seraphine vs Sona competition has started and the fans have been comparing their abilities and other features.

To help you out, we too have written about Seraphine vs Sona down below. We have listed all the similarities between Seraphine and Sona. Here are some similarities between the new LOL champion, Seraphine and Sona. 

Similarities between Seraphine and Sona

The main similarity between the popular LOL characters is being thematically so similar to each other. Sona and Seraphine are all about music and they even have powers related to it. The makers introduced a power called ultimate Encore for Seraphine which sends out a force of music that takes a toll on the AOE damage and asserts crowd control on your enemies.

Sona’s Crescendo attacking style is extremely similar to Seraphine. Another similarity is Seraphine's Surround Sound that helps to create an aura around the character and nearby allies. This can be used as a shield and even heal the characters present in the sura. Just like this spell, Sona has her own attack that is called Aria of Perseverance. This gives the players some similar benefits that were provided by Sona's spells.

The makers shared a Tweet introducing the new champion of LOL. They shared a picture of Seraphine and captioned it with, "Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress. Runeterra's premier idol is taking the stage with her magical auditory synesthesia. Captivate your enemies and sing along with your allies with this pink-haired dreamer."

This has been picked up by the LOL players on Twitter. The fans of the game have been sharing their thoughts about the same on their respective social media accounts. Here are some popular fan fractions on Seraphine vs Sona.

Seraphine Abilities

  • Passive - Stage Presence
  • Q - High Note
  • W - Surround Sound
  • E - Beat Drop
  • R - Encore

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