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TFT Fates Set 4 Official Release Date Announced: Know All About TFT Fates Items, Tier List

TFT Fates, which is set 4 in Teamfight Tactics, has got a release date. Read to know about the items & tier list which will arrive along with the patch 10.19.

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TFT Fates will feature a ton of new stuff like the new Mechanic known as Chosen, new traits called Cultist which will have more champions than any of the other traits at 8 Cultist champions. Additionally, a new trait called the Moonlight will upgrade the lowest star level unit by a one-star level. Read on to know more about the TFT items and tier list.

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TFT Fates Release Date, Items, Tier List, and All the Details

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TFT also follows the same release schedules as the League of Legends, and the TFT Fates release date is also made official -- which is September 16, 2020. TFT Fates will have Dragons, Storms, and a lot more. This will be the fourth set in Teamfight Tactics. The number of champions available will be 58 with each of them having new classes and origins. There is also going to be a new set mechanic along with new items. TFT patch 10.19 is arriving the same day and Set 4 will be released with it.

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TFT Fates Items List: Spatula Items 

Duelist’s Zeal: Spatula & Recurve Bow


Elderwood Heirloom: Spatula & Negatron Cloak


Mage’s Cap: Spatula & Tear of the Goddess


Mantle of Dusk: Spatula & Needlessly Large Rod


Sword of the Divine: Spatula & BF Sword


Vanguard’s Cuirass: Spatula & Chainvest


Warlord’s Banner: Spatula & Giants Belt


Youmuu’s Ghostblade: Spatula & Critglove


TFT Fates Items List: Non-Spatula Items

Iron Will (Grants a 25 armour and 25 magic resistance), Chainvest & Negatron Cloak


Sunfire Cape - At the start of combat, and every 3 seconds thereafter, a random enemy within 2 hexes is burned for 20% of their maximum health over 6 seconds. Healing is reduced by 50%.

Chainvest & Giants Belt


TFT Fates Tier List

TFT Fates, which is set 4, will be officially released on September 16. Along with that, a tier list of the champions will also start showing up by the best players and probably get changed a lot depending on which list performs the best. Mortdog on Twitter then asked everyone to submit their "best champion tier lists". After this, he posted his own list as shown above in the tweet.

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