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Valheim Building Guide: Follow This Guide For Tips On Building In Valheim

Building a good foundation in Valheim during the early stages of the game is very important as it helps in expanding the base later on. Read on.


In Valheim, building a base or a house will require the players to pay great attention to the stability and structure of the building. It starts with equipping a hammer and then placing the cursor over the part of the building which you have placed down. The game shows how strong the structure could be by assigning different colours to it. Blue is the strongest, which is followed by Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Read on to know Valheim building tips

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Valheim Building Guide

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Create a Foundation

  • Before starting with building a permanent base, you should first flatten that area as it will help later on for the entire build.
  • Once you have a flat area, just place down the floor tiles for the foundation.
  • This is one of the most important steps as you can then create a big base with a large enough foundation.
  • Small bases will help during the initial stages of the game but as you progress through the game, it will soon become a hindrance.
  • More space will be eventually required for storing heavy inventory and keeping portals nearby.

Start Stacking Chests For Saving Space

  • Chests are where you store all your items and important resources in the game.
  • When you start building a large base, you will require lots of wood and stone and this is where stacking chests come in handy.
  • Stacking chests can be done by using the 1×1 wood floor tile.
  • Put the wood tile above a chest as this creates a base for putting down more chests.
  • After you place a chest on this wood tile, you can destroy it and the chest will keep hovering in the air.
  • A total of 4 chests can be stacked on top of each other by this method.

Building a Chimney

  • Every base in this game will need to have a chimney properly installed as this helps in ventilation when the smoke fills up in the base.
  • With no ventilation in the base, the thick smoke will slowly start damaging you till all your life gets down to 0.
  • Just remove a panel in the roof and rotate it so that its angle is towards the sky.
  • This will stop any rain from entering the building while allowing the smoke to escape.

Valheim Update

The two updates, 0.142.5 and 0.142.6 fixed major bugs and glitches during early access. After this, the developers released the 0.142.6 update, which fixed the glitch that players were facing on the World Select GUI. Below mentioned are all the changes in the 0.142.5 update:

  • Fixed freeze at Valheim logo screen
  • Fixed Block-SFX
  • Fixed Spamming dodge consumed extra stamina.
  • Serverlist tweaks (multi-line names, server count)
  • Continuous music enabled by default.
  • Drowning effects added
  • Compendium icon updated
  • Made Hugin's dialogues slightly larger
  • More startling cores in burial chambers
  • Serverlist fixes
  • Lowered enemy per-player damage scaling.
  • Localization fixes
  • Server filter fix

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