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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Season 13: How To Get The Cabal Gold?

Bungie has added a new Cabal Gold currency in Destiny 2 Beyond Light Season 13. Continue scrolling to learn how you can get Cabal Gold in the latest expansion.

Destiny 2 Cabal Gold

The new Destiny 2 Season 13 Beyond Light has finally arrived, introducing fans to the much-anticipated Season of the Chosen expansion. As part of the latest season, Bungie has introduced plenty of new content including new items, activities, quests, and a lot more. Developers have also added a new type of in-game currency for the season called Cabal Gold. While it is quite rare, players will need this item for the Hammer of Proving, which is another new item linked with the Battlegrounds Activity. However, if you are wondering where to find this rare currency in Destiny 2, this guide will help you with just that.

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How to get Cabal Gold in Destiny 2?

Cabal Gold is a rare item, however, players have a great opportunity to obtain it by completing a number of special activities. However, you should note that the game doesn't guarantee this item. You will only be rewarded with Cabal Gold if you are lucky.  Players can earn Cabal Gold in Destiny 2 by participating in a bunch of different activities. These include Crucible, Gambit, Public events, Playlist Strikes, Nightmare Hunts, and The Blind Well.

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Cabal Gold can also be earned through Dungeons and Raids; however, it has been revealed that both of these activities have been experiencing some kind of bug. As a result, these activities are not rewarding players with the currency at the moment. Players should also note that they can only have a total of 42 Cabal Gold pieces at once until they upgrade to the Hammer of Proving.

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This can be upgraded by heading over to H.E.L.M. which is also a new addition in the Season of the Chosen expansion. This area serves as a central base for all operations. Once here, you simply need to inspect the Hammer of Proving at the War Table. After upgrading to Hammer of Proving, you will have a total of 84 Cabal Gold pieces.

The new Destiny 2 update is now live on servers and is available across all platforms including the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Google Stadia.

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