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Watch Dogs: Legion Showcases Major Bugs On Xbox One X Platform

Watch Dogs: Legion has showcased some major bugs on the Xbox One X console where players are not being able to store their progress in-game.

watch dogs: legion

Watch Dogs: Legion was all set to receive a smooth launch today i.e October 29, 2020, but that did not happen as many players who pre-ordered the game from the Epic Stores found the servers to be offline. Besides this, another bug started showing up in the Xbox One series where players were not being able to make any progress in the game whatsoever. Eurogamer first broke the story that Watch Dogs: Legion has a game-breaking bug on-launch for the Xbox One X that stops players from registering any progress in their respective campaign. 

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Watch Dogs: Legion

The issue was reported by Eurogamer to appear 6-8 hours into the campaign of Watch Dogs: Legion for the Xbox One X. The game seems to freeze at one point of the game when the Xbox console itself warms up and even shuts down in some cases. The Xbox One X is designed to shut down every time the device is pushed beyond its heating capacities. Though the issues were first only reported by one reviewer by Eurogamer, many reviewers playing the game on the Xbox console then started coming forward and declaring that the game has an intense bug. 

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Other platforms like the PS4 and PC seem to be untouched by the specific issue. but Xbox One X consoles are definitely subjected to the bug. As of now, few PS4 Pro build players have also come forward and shared that they're experiencing some lagging issues in the game along with not being able to save the progress. Ubisoft has already addressed the issue by sending out an official statement that read - "We're aware of this issue and there will be a hot fix due to be released on October 30 which should help". 

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The review embargo for the game has been lifted up by Ubisoft which threw the game in troubled waters altogether as reviewers started to pinpoint the issue. Some reviewers have taken the backseat and are waiting for Ubisoft to fix the gameplay before they hop on to play the game and give their true opinions. However, Xbox One X users are still facing the bug. 

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