Apple To Release New 'frustrating Eyeroll' And 'sitting Behind MacBook' Memojis


After releasing a bunch of new emojis to use in 2020, Apple Inc is coming out with a slew of new memojis that would definitely bring more diversity to keyboard.

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After releasing a bunch of new emojis to use in 2020, Apple Inc is coming out with a slew of new memojis that would definitely bring even more diversity to the keyboard. According to media reports, Apple is testing new memojis for its latest iOS 13.4 updates that will soon be available for use in iMessage, FaceTime and other apps that work with the existing keyboard function. The new memoji updates are part of a beta testing phase that is currently not accessible on every iPhone and iPad but will soon be available to every person if everything goes well.

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Upcoming memojis and emojis

According to reports, the new memojis will see an addition to the existing ones that are already available on the latest Apple devices. One of the most talked-about memoji that is expected to come out in the latest update is a 'goddamn eye-roll' or a 'passive-aggressive eye-roll' that would obviously prevent you from a direct confrontation on a subject that you don't necessarily agree. Other memojis that Apple is planning to roll-out are, virtual self sitting behind a MacBook, virtual self praying, being angry, celebratory memoji, being surrounded by love hearts. 

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In addition the memojis, Apple is also planning to release a series of new emojis that may likely rocket up people's list of most used emojis. According to media reports, the California-based tech giant is planning to launch a whopping 117 new emojis. One of the most highlighted of them is a 'Pinched Finger' emoji, which looks like an Italian hand gesture. 

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In autumn last year Apple released a selection of new emojis in the categories of food, animals, activities and smiley faces. The new emojis included more options for the disabled and for gender-neutral people. As per Apples' official website, the emojis included a new smiley face for yawning, a one-piece swimsuit, new food items including a waffle, falafel, butter and garlic, and new animals like the sloth, flamingo, orangutan, and skunk. 59 new emojis were made available to users using the latest versions of iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. 

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