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What Happened To Wanda After 'Avengers: End Game'? Did Endgame Mark The End Of Wanda?

We could not see trace Vision in the endgame and we almost concluded that he is dead. And now we all require a serious recap on the journey of Wanda.

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what happened to wanda after endgame

The universe of Marvel cinema has glorified each of its characters with all passion and grace. The fans have also shown all the love for all the characters in specific. And now it's time for the most famous characters' wonder and Vision to shine in the most awaited series. It's been quite a time since we have seen WandaVision together. In The Avengers- age of Ultron, we have seen both of them joining the MCU. We also had a glimpse of them in the infinity war. And here we will discuss the journey of these characters and what the endgame suggested about these characters.

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We saw a lot of Wanda towards the end of Captain America- the Winter Soldier. Wanda also had a huge part to play in The Avengers- age of Ultron.

And here is all we know about the duo Wanda and Vision:

Wanda and Vision were both born and brought up in Sokovia. They were orphaned at a very tender age when the mortar shell of stark industries hit the building of their apartment. There was another shell that landed nearby the two siblings. Both of them were intimidated by the shell until they were rescued. This is when they developed a huge hatred for all the Avengers and Tony Stark and the intensity of hatred was even fair because their world was shattered for no reason.

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Their hatred even took them to volunteer and be experimented on by hydra and this is how they got their powers. The two siblings made a team with Ultron to bear down the Avengers. We saw a twist in the age of Ultron when the siblings realized that Ultron intended to destroy humanity.

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The climax of the age of Ultron also leads Wanda to suffer a huge loss when is my brother risked his life to save Hawkeye. And lastly, we see Vision destroying the last drones of Ultron which is still one of the favourite scenes in the series. And we finally get a confirmation that Wanda and Vision become a part of the Avengers team.

Infinity war shows Wanda and her vision hiding in Europe and how their peace is being interrupted by Thanos. The game of mind stone begins and Avengers took a stand against Thanos. Vision to the mind stone and went into the forest of Wakanda a few minutes before the nose arrived with the space stone. Wanda had no choice but to destroy the mind stone which was with Vision by killing Vision. But Thanos dealt with the time stone and he reversed the time and ripped the mind stone from his head.

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Since Vision was killed in the infinity wars, he did not appear in the endgame. We saw Wanda having a tough fight with Thanos and single-handedly killing him on the battlefield as well. Lastly, Wanda attended Stark's funeral with all the other Avengers and also mourned the death of Vision and Black widow. This is what happened to Wanda after Endgame.

And now we would see WandaVision together in the coming series with an awestruck twist!

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