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What Is The Foreigner Challenge On Instagram? Is It Dangerous For People?

Foreigner challenge on Instagram has been trending for the past few days. Read on to know what is the foreigner challenge on Instagram and other details.

what is the foreigner challenge on instagram

Amidst the COVID 19 lockdown, many challenges have caught on and many more were seen making a comeback. While most of them were silly and light-hearted with the purpose of entertaining people on social media, some of them have been worrisome. A new challenge known as the Foreigner Challenge has been trending these days on social media, which has roped in many young teens and has the potential to be dangerous for them. If you are wondering how then read on for details.

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What is Foreigner Challenge?

This challenge has highlighted the need to make social media a safer place for minors. The Foreigner Challenge has encouraged underaged teens to expose themselves online and their videos can be used anywhere. The Foreigner Challenge involves young people to make a ‘funimate’ of themselves and post it on social media. Funimate is a video and music editing app which enables users to add photos and short videos together to form a longer video. They can also add a soundtrack to it. The soundtrack that is being used the most is a song by Pop Smoke –Foreigner.

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The funimate can either be shared on social media platforms or it gets sent to a specific Foreigner Challenge Instagram account which is designed specifically to expose these videos. The videos are then judged, commented on and rated according to the liking of the netizens.


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While the challenge started with people uploaded a series of selfies and images of themselves, it has now taken a turn for the worse. Young boys and girls started posting explicit images and videos of themselves which got them into trouble. According to media portals, the challenge is speculated to be a form of child pornography and people who are exposing and sharing 'funimate' are subject to serious convictions if caught. Therefore, people on social media have been asking for the challenge to go down and all the videos to get deleted.

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