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Alien Cube Ship Captured On Photo By SOHO Aircraft? NASA Debunks Claim

Space agency NASA has revealed that the dark black squares in images shared by the SOHO spacecraft is not an Alien Cube Ship or any mysterious space object.

Alien Cube Ship

SOHO and ESA have taken numerous breath-taking pictures of the various space objects over the years. One such photo recently emerged online which was claimed to be a picture of a massive Alien Cube Ship that was ten times bigger than the Earth. The picture was captured by SOHO, a spacecraft developed by NASA. However, it now appears that there is no truth to this story.

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NASA debunks claim of huge Alien Cube Ship

According to NASA, the dark cubes spotted in photos returned by SOHO are, in fact, missing data in the pictures and not some unidentified object or some huge alien ship. The black cubes are actually a collection of tiny images combined together.

Scott Waring, a popular alien hunter who was named in the story, had reportedly made such claims in the past based on the pictures, however, there was no actual evidence around the UFO’s existence resulting in a scientific publication, nor was it announced by the NASA.

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The report claimed that Scott C. Waring identified the UFO as an Alien Cube Ship which was ten times the size of Earth at the very least. It was also claimed that the planet Earth had a radius of 3,958 miles (6,37km), as opposed to the UFO which covered over 39,580 miles (63,370km km). Scott also shared a picture in a blog post and stated that he added some light and focus to the image which would allow viewers to spot the red material assembling around the hull.

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In an alternative explanation, it was also claimed that a NASA engineer named James Oberg had called such UFO sightings as “space dandruff” floating at the entrance of cameras. However, the statement did not really imply the non-existence of the so-called Alien Cube Ship.

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The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory is situated in the halo orbit which is close to a million miles from our planet. As for the pictures shared by the Observatory, it may often leak certain pixels during the transmission. These gaps are generally plugged when SOHO transmits the data again. It should also be noted that the missing blocks in photos shared by SOHO are quite common, which involves the recent one.

Image credits: NASA

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