How To Change Name In PUBG? - A Simple Step-by-step Guide For You


How to change name in PUBG? Learn how to change names in PUBG mobile easily without any confusion with a simple guide and simple screenshots. Read more.

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how to change name in pubg

PUBG has a vast growing popularity in India and around the globe. However, players across the world are more keen on playing PUBG mobile than the PC version. Many new players are joining the game but it is a bit hard for some to understand some of its essential functionalities which includes changing the character, name, or joining a clan. But, if you are having a problem in changing the name it is no rocket science. Learn how to change name in PUBG with this step by step extensive guide.

How to change name in PUBG?

If this is what is confusing you then do not worry, as changing names is PUBG is now possible. Back in the early launch of the game and for a long time, PUBG mobile and PC did not have the feature that allows a player to change the name. After several updates, the survival game finally features the rename option and enables its users to change the name once in a day. See the steps below-

Open the PUBG Mobile game app from your respective smartphone

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Now, select Inventory from the menu at the bottom right of the screen.

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To change the name in PUBG, you need to tap the 'Crate icon' on the right side of the game screen.

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PUBG provides 'Rename Cards' which are essential if you want to change the name. Tap the Rename Card and tap Use. (If you do not have a rename card wait until you collect one)

Enter the desired name by clicking on 'New Name' and then tap OK.

A person can only change their name once in a day. If you have problems choosing a name for yourself, you can select it from this vast list of coolest unused PUBG names. It is important to not change the name frequently as players recognise your Pro gameplay with your PUBG name.

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