What Is Hardcore Mode In PUBG Mobile? Read Here To Get Answers About HARDEST Arcade Mode


What is Hardcore mode in PUBG mobile that has returned back with thrilling updates? Here is everything you need to know about this difficult Arcade mode.

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what is hardcore mode in pubg

PUBG's Hardcore mode has returned to thrill the gamers with its heart-wrecking new upgrade. The hardcore mode is used to dominate the Arcade section of the Battle Royale games. The return of this mode has not only created a lot of excitement amongst the fans but many have also started going on a killing spree in this game. But, many new joiners and other players have a hard time understanding what is Hardcore mode in PUBG. Well, read further to know the answer-

What is Hardcore mode in PUBG mobile?

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If you are a fan of realistic battles where the systematic assistance of the game bores you, Hardcore mode will provide you with a wonderful gaming experience. Many new users find Hardcore mode similar to the Classic section's Erangle mode. However, Arcade's Hardcore mode is filled with many difficulties.

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Most players hardly survive the first 5 mins of the game as it is manually handled which means one has to search for opponents on their own without any indications on the map above. This means you cannot see footsteps, firing signals and nearby passing cars on the map. If you hear gunshots or footsteps, you have to find them by moving the screen on sound cues. 

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Similar to other gaming modes, you can choose to play solo, duo or with a team of four. It is best advised to play with a team as the probability of winning increases in such a scenario. The most important fact about this PUBG update 0.17.0 update is that it has shortened the gap between PUBG mobile and PC. This mode makes PUBG battling seem realistic by making weapon pickups and gun reload manual. It has not only made gaming instinctual but players have to be cautious to not reveal themselves because if you are visible, you are dead.

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